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Baseball Players + Reading = Bad Idea

Sorry for the slowness around these parts of late, but how many stories about spring training stats, players looking and feeling great or Adrian Gonzalez's shoulder do you really need to read? Besides that, a nasty stomach bug took me out early last week, and I've been catching up ever since, so we'll get back to our Century Mark series shortly. In the meantime, I present you with these videos.

Dustin Pedroia continues to prove he may be the funniest person in sports, particularly when Terry Francona makes a guest appearance: "I can't wait to knee him."

This becomes even clearer in this video with ESPN's Tim Kurkjian and John Kruk, as Pedroia and Francona go after each other. Pedroia describes his new haircut as "the convertible look — top's always down." Francona said Pedroia "looks like a moron, and I thought he looked bad before."

Of course, no one looked like a bigger moron than Kruk, who inexplicably started ranting about advanced stats like OPS (really?) to the manager of a team who's been immensely successful in no small part because its GM and owner rely heavily on … advanced stats. Watch Francona manage the awkward effort to turn the conversation away from the subject:

Must-see TV. Or something like that.

4 replies on “Baseball Players + Reading = Bad Idea”

sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well paul…welcome back…thanks for sharing those videos…they were funny good…not quite as entertaining as the popcorn-eating video, but still good…
devine, are you really wondering how espn can keep a moron like kruk?…do they employ anyone who’s not a moron?…

-Matthew Barnaby. Former Sabre great and not a moron.
-Jayson Williams. Former Duke great. Definitely not a moron.
Those two were the first to come to mind.

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