Baseball Humor

Also from the Globe today:

As Brockton Rox officials tell it, the Grady Little Appreciation Night they’d scheduled for Saturday night was intended to be a lighthearted salute to the deposed Sox manager, with a bit of a jab. The independent minor league team planned to pass out a Little “bobble-arm doll,” showing him signaling for a lefthander out of the bullpen. That, of course, is exactly what Little didn’t do in Game 7 of the ALCS, when he elected to keep Martinez in the game. But the club had second thoughts about the promotion, in part because it received word from Little’s current employers, the Cubs, that he wasn’t wild about the idea. The Rox pulled the plug on it, substituting Batting Helmet Night in its place. “It was meant simply to honor him from the lighter side,” club president Jim Lucas said. “It was never our intention to insult anyone. We may have underestimated that even today, Oct. 16 is still pretty raw for a lot of Red Sox fans.” Not to mention a certain ex-manager.