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Flags at half mast for Ted Kennedy. I’m curious, what did native MA people think of him?

Ath – As a former resident of MA (but not a native), I would have to say he was very well thought of there.

Oh geez what a cheap single. 0-2 count, and he barely dribbles one down to Youk.
Wake’s knuckler is definitely on tonight.

RBF, he definitely is… he tried to cover 1st on that play but was very slow. Thankfully Pedro got there.

0-2 count, and Konerko triples. Crap.
That’s a shame, since Wake has thrown 10 straight strikes.

I’m going to leave politics out of this because I agreed with Teddy K’s politics way more often than not.
I actually grew up fairly privileged in Boston on Beacon Hill and my parents knew him from the benefit/social scene.
He was an AWFUL person behind closed doors where his political currency wasn’t at risk. He abused his powers in unimaginable ways. Period. Anyone that says different doesn’t know what a two faced criminal he actually was. As long as he kept bringing big dollars and projects to back to the state, everyone who knew him looked the other way.
I realize every politician does this to some extent, but Teddy took the cake.
Not to mention, he killed Mary Jo Kopechne in cold 1.3 BAC blood and got away with it because of his last name.
I’m sad for the state of MA for his passing, but the world is a better place.

I want to be clear about something before people jump on me.
Teddy K did his job VERY well and served the people of MA with their best interests in mind. People that disagree with that do it simply for personal political reasons.
But I’m not going to sugarcoat the type of person he was as a man just because he passed. I really hate when people do that. Some people are assholes and dying doesn’t change that.

Lock, you’re closer to it than I am. I respected Teddy because despite his priviledged life, he he also lived with a lot of personal pain, losing 4 siblings, two by murder, before he turned 40. He battled a lot of demons. But … there no excuse for being an asshole.

Lockland, that’s the take on him that I pretty much had. He’s had like 10 DUI’s, right?
Who is this homerun-hitter, and what has he done with AGonz?

Good job IBM, you totally jinxed it there! Pat Burrell singles.
Bay steals 2nd… let’s get some runs.

I don’t care what kind of job Teddy did. He should have been in jail. Any of us would have been. He was a drunken piece of shit. Everyone always talks about how the accident tianted his career. How about what it did to the Kopechne family. Somebody should have put a bullet in Teds head, not Jacks.

Okay boys, the Yankees have like 50 more walk-offs than us thing year. Let’s change that.

I wonder if that coward Michael Myett will stick around long enough make a salient argument instead of just spewing that same shit that the GOP haters have been pumping out for the last 40 years.

Well, aside from Michael’s last sentence (which was horribly insensitive), he was factual. Having said that, I shouldn’t have brought the whole subject up, so let’s just drop it before we all hate each other?

What kind of argument do I need? Last time I checked manslaughter has always been illegal in this country, or is there a question about Teds guilt? By the way, how did you decide I am I coward? I wouldn’t assume that about you. Pump this! Kennedy c**ksucker.

Atheose, you are correct. That was insensitive, and I am sorry about that. But I am native to MA and that has always been a bone of contention with me. My apologies.

Michael, if you want respect around here you’re going to have to show some, and not act like an asshole. It’s ridiculous to say that he deserved a bullet in the brain, and to call people around here “Kennedy c**ksuckers”.

Where I come from, calling someone a coward can elicit that type of response. How does anyone defend a murderer? I am so tired of hearing about how the Kennedy family is cursed. If you look closely you will see they caused most of their own problems.

maybe if Theo Epstein took control of the family, they could reverse the curse?
I’ll be here all day. Be sure to tip the wait staff here at the Comedy Corner in Jakarta…

First, coward, Kennedy pleaded guilty in the Chapaquiddick incident.
Two, people close to him said he’d suffered a concussion from the incident. Although it might be bullshit, probably is, no one can prove otherwise.
Three, it was 40 freakin’ years ago.
Four, the Kopechne family never sued him, which probably means they were more than happy to accept a generous payment.
Five, it happened after he’d lost his third brother. Dude, he lost FOUR siblings before he turned 40. Two of them were murdered.
Look, I’ve never apologized fom him for this. It was wrong, period, paragraph.
He had a lot of demons. He was a drunk for most of his adult life. He was a filanderer. He was abusive to his first wife, Joan. He fathered 13 children out of wedlock.
And he was forced to live out the legacy that his father envisioned for Joe Jr., Jack and Bobby. AND his every step has been dissected AGAIN AND AGAIN publicly. Who among us has had to live with that?
It is so tiresome hearing the Chapaquiddick thing brought up AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN by people who are simply rationalizing their hatred for the most liberal man in the Senate.
He was wrong, he was wrong, he was wrong.
I don’t think they were cursed. I think they became victims of their own wealth and ambition and Joe’s vision for his family.
But he was a human, like all of us.
In the end, the last 30 years, Ted was able to be a voice for millions of Americans who otherwise might have starved or gone homeless or not had sufficent care.
He directed billions toward AIDS and cancer research.
He was a flawed man. He did many bad things. He also used to wealth to help many, many people.
I’ve never walked in his shoes. I’m not going to judge him.
He died just about 24 hours ago. It’s between him and God, now.
You know, maybe someone should ask the Kopechnes what they think.

I have a teency feeling that Wakefield’s performance tonight is better than what Penny might have given us, eh?
Anyway, off to watch the highlights, as I missed the last 3 innings going to the Mariners/A’s game.

Devine, I agree completely. And Wakefield looked FANTASTIC last night; 73 out of 94 pitches were strikes, and the knuckleball was really working. Bard striking out 3 of 4 batters faced was nice to see too.
I remember back in 2007 we swept the White Sox in a 4-game series in late August, and it ended up being the exclamation point on our season; we went from a 5.0 game lead over the Yankees to a 7.5 game lead. Maybe this series can accomplish the same thing, because our offense has really stepped up when we’ve needed to.

By the way, fantastic quote from Papi:
“Victor, man, he just pushed me for every at-bat,” Ortiz said. “He got in my face and started screaming at me. I liked it. It got me in the mood.”

And to think back before the trade deadline Ath, you were talking about trading Penny and getting back something of value. (Not busting chops Ath, I just thought about that as soon as I saw that bit of news) I too though the Smoltz/Penny signings were low risk high reward, at least Saito worked out.

My apologies BillMcneal. Your right it’s so easy to get heated on emotional issues. Sorry for the cheap shots.

John, we should have traded him back then–because he was worth something then! His ERA was around 4.50 at the time, and he had gone 6.0 innings in most of his starts.
But since then he’s been just awful.

“I remember back in 2007 we swept the White Sox in a 4-game series in late August …”
Ath, I was at the Saturday game of this series, Wakes vs. Buehrle. It was my son’s first ML game, and my wofe was pregnant with our daughter. Buehrle was pulled after 5 and then the Red Sox just teed off on the bullpen. I still have a photo of the Comiskey scoreboard, final score 14-2, including a 4-run 6th and an 8-run 8th. We were in the upper deck behind home plate looking down the third base line. Lots of Red Sox fans around us. And lots of swearing White Sox fans.

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