Beatdown in Charm City

It would be easy to say the Yankees “showed urgency” last night with their annihilation of the O’s, and perhaps they did, though it would also be reasonable to point out that they left a whole bunch of runners stranded in scoring position in the first couple of innings. So maybe “urgency” is a matter of perspective, or maybe it’s just an old commentator’s cliche with no meaning whatever. You be the judge. We do note that, again, A-Rod had a big day, and not only with the game out of reach, and not with the dinger (so those bitching about his swinging for the fences pipe down.) The guy’s the MVP.

But let’s move on from “urgency” to a metric that does matter: runs. Or more preciesely run differential. It’s a truism of sabermetrics that the team that scores the most runs is the best offensive team, and the team that allows the fewest the best defensive. Subtract column B from column A and you have a reasonable means for judging a team’s overall performance. And for most, if not all of this season—I have checked intermittently, but not carefully—the Sox, bolstered by their huge offensive numbers, have been way ahead of the Yanks. But over the past week the Yanks caught up, and last night they actually went ahead:

Yanks: 855-748 = 107
Sox: 876-774 = 102

The bad news:

Cleveland: 774-627 = 147
Oak: 749-638 = 111
LoAA: 728-622 = 106
ChiSox: 717-632 = 85

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  • I was at Camden Yards last night — or, as it became, South South Bronx. You wouldn’t believe that you’d ever be in B-more to hear a crowd chant BUB-BA CROS-BY, chant M-V-P every time A-Rod stepped in the box or holler at Ks from Randy Johnson. But even with the rain delay, the Yankee fans showed up in force.
    True point, YF. One thing that soured an otherwise perfect evening–ok, two; the other is named Alan Embree–was the 11 runners the Yanks left on base throughout the game. Not all of them are going to be 11-3 massacres. Even through this last run of victories, we’ve been leaving tons of runners on second and third who reached with no outs or one out. That has to change, quick.

    YF in DC September 27, 2005, 10:17 am

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