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Beckett, CC. Sox-Yanks Gamer

Don't look left or right, just straight ahead as the Sox and Yanks battle.


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apparently the game is on fox…that means we gotta listen to those 2 clowns buck and mac…sheesh, i’d rather listen to a team of orsillyo and sterling…or, i can just turn the sound off…

yep. sterling and waldmyn is what i get by default on CBS, no vid on; or I could listen to EEI. I think I am going to listen to WADO and realize how much I wish I spoke Spanish.

If I ever meet a copy writer who penned an plug script that leads with “in this economy” I will proud of my restraint for not punching him in the neck..

This defies explanation. How an entire team can just completely suck at the exact same time.
Have we been this bad since the 80’s? Seriously.

Of course you do brent…they HATE the Yankees. I’m pretty sure they want to have a three-way with Pedroia.
Enjoy your sweep boys.
I’m going to watch the hockey game.

The bigger relevance of her tweet Ath is the use of the past tense – “Jorge ‘loved’ being a Yankee…”.
And Varitek just struck out according to everyone but Mike Winters and Varitek’s mother. And then hits a big RBI single.

Lots of reports on Twitter about Posada refusing to play if he was hitting 9th and some sources were saying that the Yanks contacted MLB offices about voicing his contract (highly doubt that happens). Could get crazy in Yankeeland over next 12 hours.

Ugh…according to Kim Jones Jorge said he had to “clear his head”. Girardi said Jorge “needed a day” and expresses no knowledge of any health issue. This is going south fast…

Reason Girardi didn’t have a longer conversation with Posada to get to the bottom of what is going on – according to Girardi – is that Jorge told him so close to game-time and Girardi had to tell Jones he was playing and deal with the ramifications. Chances that Girardi is telling the truth re: not having a longer conversation with Posada: ZERO.

One journalist tells Girardi that Jorge said he “feels disrespected” by the Yankee organization. Joe says that having not heard Jorge say that, he won’t respond. And then announces he’s done talking about Jorge. Double-ugh.

6-0, Sox. This crazy-ass game of base ball we all love so much never ceases to amaze me. Never saw that coming.
And, RE: this red-hot tear Gonzo is on, see “crap,” as in “holy.”

Watching Jorge presser now — he said he needed to clear his head and his back stiffened up, but that it wasn’t serious. Says he talked with Cashman but refused to divulge what they discussed – just that it was “one-on-one” and it was a “conversation that we needed to have”. Then indicates he is not weighing any larger decisions…he wants to be with the Yankees and “loves to play”. I’m crying inside right now.

Girardi and Posada told differing stories. Posada said he felt a little disrespected. Girardi bluntly ends the press conference and gets up and walks out.
Ugly. Fascinating.
Nomar 2011.

Jorge also digs at Cashman for talking about what was going on, something like “that’s what he does now”, or something a bit snide.
Unhappy Jorge.

Wow – now this in response to journalist mentioning that Cashman talked to the press during the game: “I didn’t know he made a statement. I don’t know why he made a statement in the middle of the game. That’s the way he works now.”
Then to the follow-up: “I think you should wait until after the game to talk to the press. You don’t do that — you’re not supposed to do that.”
Q: “Do you feel disrespected at all?”
A: “Little bit. Little bit…if I can’t go out and play they, uhhh, make a big case about it.”
Make no mistake about it: whether it was Jeter choosing to have the stadium play the “evil empire” theme at his first PA of the year after the off-season contract negotiation ugliness, Cashman voicing the backhanded compliment last week that Jeter is still “above average”, or Posada now talking about being disrespected by the organzation, what is happening here (IMHO) is Cashman confronting players on the downslope of their careers and either
A. Not doing it arfully (including making statements to the press that – rightly or wrongly – rankles them);
B. The pride of those players prevents them from dealing gracefully with the consequences of said decline; or
C. Both A and B.

This seems like they have made a mountain out of a molehill. Posada is pissed, wants a day off, just handle it in the managers office. And that’s that. Say the guy is tired, or something.
Obviously things weren’t that simple. There must have been a real raging argument with Girardi or something, things must have been said or threatened, and now management is playing their cards and showing control, maybe they think they have to establish a precedent since the team has a few guys aging a la Posada? That is the only thing I can think of. Otherwise there is no reason for this to have turned into such a situation.

Ath, on baseball tonight after the game they made reference to the Nomar game in 04, he did not look happy it came up at all. He tried to brush it off by saying there was confusion over what happened and now it is cleared up. Huh? When did I miss that explanation?

I would be willing to bet a lot that there was no raging argument between Jorge and Girardi, but that there was a massive one – and there will be more – between Jorge and Cashman. Having followed this team the past few years it is clear to me that he calls the shots and that part of the deal when they got Girardi was for him to understand that – in contrast to Torre.
I tend to agree that the Yanks should have just given the guy the day and played it down publically, though for him to request it an hour before game time is not cool either.

I am trying to separate my allegiances in looking at this affair. It is tough though, as I dislike Posada intensely. Seems like Cashman is continuing his assertion of control, and it may be that he feels has to do this considering a precedent may be set by letting the players run the show (more than they already do, in general, that’s not a dig at the Yankees). The Yanks are likely to be facing this situation again with a number of older guys (not the dustup, necessarily, but the decision about what to do with fading stars). So one can understand Cashman’s conceptual position. But he may have pushed it with the clear shots at Posada. Though I don’t like him (and therefore am enjoying this situation a great deal) he probably deserved a little bit more consideration.

“…it may be that he feels has to do this considering a precedent may be set by letting the players run the show (more than they already do, in general, that’s not a dig at the Yankees). …”
i agree…i think cashman is starting to let players know that the days of kissing their a** is over…nothing wrong with that…don’t get me wrong…thanks guys, but let’s face it, you’re not 20 years old anymore…retire already…i have to like posada because he’s on my team and he was part of a few championships, but if he were on another team, i’d be calling him the whiney little bit$h that he is…so, now we know…of the so-called core 4, pettite handled his decline with some grace, posada and jeter, not so much…will be interesting to see what mo does when he decides to hang ’em up, though i have no reason to believe he won’t be the most gracious of all…the run is over guys…sf’s early season pessimism bug has bitten me…this yankee team does not look capable of making the playoffs…a dh that’s batting under .200 and a shortstop who is on a pace to set a record for ground balls to his position are 2 big reasons why…

not ready to give up yet krueg, though my comments sure look like it…despite looking so pathetic, we do have a winning record and are only a couple of games out of first…the pitching has been decent the past couple of days, but the hitting with risp is beyond pathetic…bench posada and bring up the best minor league hitter we have…can’t be any worse…bench swisher, and put anybody else out there…start targeting the trade deadline for potential partners, but we need to be prepared to get hosed…

I think Posada’s the rare Yankee who has actually been underrated. Given the organization, I think there are a few things going on:
1) Jorge was told he ain’t coming back.
2) He’s not being given the benefit of the doubt, like other players (cough Jeter cough).
3) He was moved off of C without his assent.
4) He watched Bernie get pushed out and he knows that’s his future.
All that has to be tough to swallow. Meanwhile, he can look to Boston and see he’d be the starting catcher!
It’s hard for me to see the end of an era when Montero and Banuelos are on their way. One replaces Jorge, the other replaces Pettitte.
The hardest one to replace will be Jeter, but then he’s been the best shortstop in Yankee history, if not all of post-war baseball. Get used to see crap at SS for many years to come.

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