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Been Down So Long Don’t Know Which Way is Up: Mariners-Sox Gamer III

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Felix is on my fantasy team, and I decided to bench him today in a burst of wishful thinking that the Sox would pummel him. I hope I don’t turn out to be wrong.

1-2-3 for Albers. That’s how it’s done. Nice catch from Crawford for the second out. Maybe the Mariners bullpen will give up a couple runs, hoping against hope.

I said I was quitting until June, but I had a relapse. The heck with a dinger, I’ll take four walks, or a few errors, or whatever ugliness works to get this team a win.

Holy crap, Ichiro botches a medium hard fly ball in the sun and Lowrie is at third. One down.
This would be a real f*ck you if he gets stranded. Come on, Sox, win this one! You can do it! (in Rob Schneider voice).

Well, I guess my MLBtv is behind based on that comment, Brent. Unless that is your way of cheering Carl on and encouraging him.

Way to go, Carl. Reward for all the hard work – supposedly Crawford has been busting ass working to get out of the slump. Maybe, just maybe, this is relieves him of some pressure. May not end the slump, but at least he can smile for a bit.

I guess that was the reverse-lock in action – Wake/Felix, and they take it. Wacky.
Undefeated!!! (in May, that is…)

There is no such thing as a “True Red Sox”. You are either a Red Sox or not a Red Sox. We leave that silliness to New Yorkers.

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