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Beginnings: Yanks-O’s Gamer III

Sometime a song gets you with the introduction. The Smiths' "The Boy With The Thorn In His Side" probably has my favorite beginning to any tune. But, of course, there are lots of great openers that scream to you that the song you are about to listen is going to be brilliant. What are your favorites?

This season's beginning has not been music to Yanks fans' ears. Sabathia and Wang stunk in their two starts and the Yanks have been outplayed by the formerly lowly Orioles. There are beginnings to good, even great songs that suck, so Yanks fans should not fear. For instance, a lot of classical music hits don't get going until 5 to 37 minutes into the song.  The 1998 Yanks season famously began awfully with Yanks starters getting knocked around. And then the Yanks turned in the best season maybe ever. That's not to say we should want this crappy act to continue today in Baltimore. AJ Burnett, who signed a much-maligned contract in the off-season, is on the mound for the Bombers. Everyone knows his deal. He has amazing stuff, maybe has a two-cent brain, and is much better usually when he's pitching in a walk year. But baseball history is filled with new beginnings. That's the beauty part of this game. And maybe today will be a new beginning for both AJ and the Yanks.

Comment here on all the action.

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God, the Smiths are a mother lode. Let’s stick with them for the moment – Death of a Disco Dancer (Dear Prudence via Morrissey), Bigmouth Strikes Again.
Non-Smiths – Where the Streets Have No Name is probably up there, as is Zeppelin’s “The Song Remains the Same”. There are tons.
Go Orioles!

Gardner breaking up the perfect game. Let’s hope he’s a distraction on the basepaths.

Gardner steals 2nd, and then Molina promptly walks. Here’s the vaguely hot Jeter fouling off two straight pitches before grounding out, moving both runners up. Glad it wasn’t a double play, but the Yanks will need a hit to get a run in.

“How are these unknown pitchers dominating the Yanks lineup?”
Off the top of my head: 1. The Yanks are typically awful against unknown pitchers and 2. Once again, they can’t buy a freakin’ hit w/ RISP, just like last year.

1st Fist Pump of the season…waiting for it, waiting for it.
Overall could have been MUCH worse. Way to work out of it AJ.

Went 3-1 before striking Huff out with the bases loaded. Definitely makes the game exciting, I suppose..

And Cano with his third walk in 3 games…like what I am seeing from him so far this year

Now Swisher is joining in the fun.. =)
Ya, I was about to remark about Cano and walking. We’ll see how long that last, but for now I’m impressed.

Glad to see I am not the only one with a man crush on Swish. With that said Ransom does what he does best, down looking. 2 outs, top 4.

Simon at 74 pitches after 4, only 43 for strikes. Gradner did an okay job fouling off pitches and getting the count to 3-2, but flied out on the 7th pitch.

LOL I’d like to send Sterling a Text message. I am sure Suzyn thought that was ever so witty.

Bottom of this lineup is looking like the Sox’s from last year. Ransom, Gardner, Molina.

Well, if they’re trying to prove me wrong, they should! Ransom walks on 6 pitches, and Gardner padding the lead by reaching on an error, but gets the RBI. Bases still loaded, one out!

To clarify, he picks up an RBI for the “would’ve been” ground out, but 2 runs score.
It’s 6-2 and men on 2nd and third.

Bass could have walked over and and touched the plate himself, instead he heaves it over Moeller’s glove. Molina hits a pop fly to 2nd base that falls because the IF is in. 7-2 Yankees.

Molina singles in a run and now it’s 7-2, men on corners, and Jeter up.
Hey, the Yanks might, knock on wood, just win a game!

Captain Double Play. Ouch. Could’ve easily tacked on another run pretty much with anything.

AJ comes out after 5 1/3 innings. 7 hits, 1 BB, 2 ER, and 6 K’s.
Not super, but better than the previous two games. Not even a quality start.

Nady doubles, followed by a Cano HR. If this is the Cano that we’ll getting this year, this is going to be a good year.

Congrats on the win fellas. And Pavano’s 9 ER in 1 IP is icing on the cake.
Of course he’ll probably pitch a shutout at Yankee Stadium next week now.

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