Bert Redux

Debate the wrongs and rights of the BBWAA all you like, but let's take a moment to congratulate ourselves—the committed, rational members of baseball's online community—who have been supporting the "campaign" of Bert Blyleven for years. And by ourselves, I chiefly mean Rich Lederer of the incomparable Baseball Analysts, who has been the leading advocate for Blyleven's enshrinement, nationally. That he managed to convince so many to vote for Blyleven is a testament to, of course, Blyleven's genius on the mound, but also to Lederer's own determination, and the growing presence and influence of smart and rational discourse on the web, conducted by passionate amateurs and professionals without big-name credentials. Bravo. 

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Yes, congrats Bert. Way late.
The Hall of Fame has lost all credibility as far as I’m concerned. Bagwell was one of the most well-rounded players of his generation and one of the best first basemen of all-time. Guilty by association only (though I can’t think of a single Astro who was ever caught or suspected), he’s not in on his first time.
I never liked the committee’s insistence on not voting for players their first time and I hate their PED stance of suspected guilty until proven innocent (or until someone reports that an unnamed source accused the former player of using). It’s OK, though. Who needs them to tell us who the great players were anyway?

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