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Best Of Three: Yanks-Tigers ALDS Gamer

C.C. Sabathia and Justin Verlander try again, this time in chilly but mostly dry Detroit. Lineups follow, comment away.

NY Yankees
D. Jeter ss .200
C. Granderson cf .286
R. Cano 2b .444
A. Rodriguez 3b .000
M. Teixeira 1b .143
N. Swisher rf .286
J. Posada dh .500
R. Martin c .167
B. Gardner lf .167
C. Sabathia 4.50
A. Jackson cf .000
R. Santiago 2b .000
D. Young lf .222
M. Cabrera 1b .429
V. Martinez dh .286
M. Ordonez rf .429
J. Peralta ss .250
A. Avila c .000
B. Inge 3b .500
J. Verlander 9.00

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ag…it’s tiny for CC, not so much for Verlander.
It may be the worst thing I have ever seen in terms of different strike zones in one direction.
I almost can’t believe what I’m seeing.

According to pitch fx the zone is tight – both CC and Verlander have had pitches on the corners called for balls. However, Verlander had a ball clearly out of the zone called a strike and CC had a ball clearly in the zone called a ball. It seems to me that he gave Verlander the outside pitch to the lefthander (I think it was vs. Curtis) and did not give CC anything on the outside on either side.

Pitch fx update:
Verlander with two clear balls called strikes and no clear strikes called a ball.
CC with two clear strikes called for balls and no clear balls called a strike. and by “clear” I mean fully in or out of the zone – not on the line.
And now Inge with the leadoff double. And here we go to the top of the lineup.

CC has no chance.
There is literally nothing he can do but throw it right down the middle and hope for the best.
I have never seen anything like this.

Miggy up…
Bases loaded.
No outs.
This game is over.
As is the series.
It’s not CC’s fault.
This ump should be investigated. This is blatant.

YES. The way that inning started — bases loaded with one run in already and Cabrera up — that was as good as they could have hoped for.
Can we at least make Verlander work a little???

That right there is the outside pitch to lefties that Verlander is getting. Now CC is facing almost all righties (except Avila) and so he is not throwing that exact pitch. But it sure as hell gives Verlander more room to work with than CC.

And there iS ANOTHER one on the outside that gets Swisher looking. That’s 4 pitches way outside to lefties called for strikes. Guess the Yankees picked the wrong night to have a lefty on the mound facing a ton of righties.

Now there is the same pitch that Verlander has been getting – outside to the lefty. Maybe he is consistent. He just is fat on that side of the plate to lefties and we don’t have the good fortune to be facing many lefties.

So this is shaping up as a game in which CC will have to pull a houdini act and get BABIP’s good fortune in order to get through 6 with the game tied. Meanwhile, Verlander seems destined to go 9. At least. And easy. I don’t see this ending well.

Tigers with better ABs vs. CC than the Yanks are putting on Verlander. By a lot. And Inge, the CC-killer on again. Top of the order. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jackson bunts now. Tigers have to feel that if they get a one run lead this game is over.

And the ump calls a ball that was slightly lower than the previous pitch (which he called a ball) for the third strike. Whatever. Not like A-Rod was going to do anything there anyway.

You just sit and wait for someone…
to get a big hit.
and wait…
and wait…
and wait…
But you know one isn’t coming.
Deep down. You know we’re finished.
This series is going to come down to two terrifying letters…

Small victory. Thanks to Jorge Verlander has had to throw 10 or more extra pitches. At 2-0 to Gardner now. I still suspect he’ll go the full 9, but if Gardner can luck out and bloop one we might have a faint chance.

I’m so pissed at Soriano right now. After the team claws back against the hands-down Cy Young award winner you – on multiple days rest – give it right back. To a notorious first-ball-fastball hitter. You piece of trash. How I hate thee.
Little voice in Cashman’s head: I told you so.

Yeah. He literally said “watch that first pitch”. Boom. I guess Smoltz was on his game enough to know you don’t groove a fastball to Young. Too bad Soriano wasn’t as prepared as the color-man.

Teix. Just wonce I’d like you to come up big. And now we’ll have the bottom of the order vs. Valverde. How i’d love to break through vs. him.
I am so seeting furious at Soriano right now. I really despise him.

It’s also hard to win when ARod and Tex do nothing. Tex especially.
When is he going to get a big hit in the playoffs? It’s been two years since his last and even then it was only one hit. He is clearly a playoff choker at this point.

A-Rod has made 3-4 plays on absolute bullets tonight.
To the 9th. We need you to wake up Nick Swisher. Stop saluting fans. Stop being jovial. Stop saying “man”. And just hit a bomb. Please. I beg you.

Yeah krueg. This felt like the rubber game. AJ could always walk into dumb luck, but none of us would count on it.
But on a night when you score 4 of Justin Verlander and have CC on the mound and a rotation with only one other reliable starter, you have to win.

We’re done. Even Jeter.
I feel sick.
Losing in the first round is unacceptable.
I feel like I wasted another 6+ months of my life.
I’m going to draw a warm bath and get out an extension cord.

Absolutely ag. He has come up small in some very key spots.
Girardi commenting about the strikezone. If you’re going to complain about the zone, do it in the game, make a stink, and get tossed. Don’t whine about it in the postgame.

I can’t recall a single AB against any pitcher in which a Yankee batter fouled off a ton of pitches. They worked walks but mainly because Verlander/Valverde missed their spots a few times. But there were precious few extended ABs.
Our fates in AJ’s hands. What a comforting feeling. I will be on a plane from about the 6th inning on. Will find out our fate when I land in Istanbul. I suspect given that it’s AJ that I may know our fate wlel before I board.
Good night krueg, ag.

I don’t like losing, but damn that was such a great baseball game. Verlander is so much fun to watch pitch. He works fast and even when he’s not sharp he still battles the hitters. Santiago and Don Kelly were the killers, in addition to CC just not having his best stuff. The Tigers aren’t the better team, but they certainly are playing better right now all around. I can’t believe Smoltz jinxed us, no sooner did he say it the ball was over the fence. “Papa Grande” is annoying, super annoying and he’s just not that good. I think I dislike him as much or more than Papelbon. At least Papelbon is good and has won something.
As for tonight, since Detroit doesn’t run would it be so crazy to have Jesus catch? Since Jorge has been one of the only players hitting there’s no way he’s coming out, so why not give Martin a rest? AJ Burnett is going to get his tits lit. The Yankees are going to need to score 10-11 runs, so why not try a fresh Montero?

John, you know baseball better than I, but don’t you think the last pitcher on the Yankee staff with whom you should pair Montero is AJ? Not just his head-case-i-ness, but the very real assortment of wild pitches he is likely to throw. I agree that Montero as a possible offensive spark would be good, but if they were to want that, I would actually prefer to see Teix pulled for Posada at 1st so Russell can stay behind the dish and Montero can DH. For the record, I don’t think that’s a good idea either, but I just think if you were intent on getting MOntero in, that would be the better option than sliding him behind the plate to catch AJ in the biggest game of the year.

Good point…I’ll be honest with you I’d still catch Montero. This game has 12-11 written all over it and I’d rather concentrate on putting my best offense out there so that I am best prepared to win the offensive battle this game will surely become or need to be. You could always bring Martin in for defense, you can’t really work it vice versa. Either way IH, I doubt Girardi listens to me.
If you need a laugh, go to College Humor and watch Too Much Moneyball, it’s hysterical. Sure it pokes fun at the Yankees, but it’s funny none the less.

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