Big Week

The Yanks have three against the Mets, three against Boston, and then three more at Shea. For the Sox, it’s three against the Phils, the Yanks series, and then Atlanta (and then Oakland). Could the next week go a long way toward shaping the rest of the season? If the Yanks and Sox battle evenly, or if the Yanks slump, the second half will be set up for a highly competitive race. If the Sox falter, they might easily find themselves 10 games back by the break—a lot of ground to cover.

Meanwhile, the Yankee rotation for that forthcoming Boston series is unresolved. Halsey, Contreras, and Moose are scheduled against the Mets. Does that mean Lieber, Vaz, and Halsey—if he survives—again for Boston? Or will Kevin Brown be back by that time. Or El Duque?

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