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Bird Poop: Jays-Sox Gamer

Friday night action, here.  Discuss.

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1st and 3rd, nobody out…an opportunity…
Apropos of nothing, my wife got a job as a 1st-year junior high theater teacher in exactly the district we wanted. Awesomeness.

Gameday says ball hit a mile by Ellsbury (to the triangle?). Looks like the automatic double takes away a run probably. But tied! A real rally!

Losing this game isn’t a big deal on its own, but whatever’s wrong with Beckett has to get fixed ASAP if this team is going to make the playoffs, much less have a decent post-season run. Holy hell.

Saito gets through the inning unscathed. Wonder when we’ll see Wagner. I’d prefer the Sox have a healthy lead by then.

Anyone have idea when this thing might be re-started? Sox don’t have a great record in games interrupted by rain, as I recall. Though it may have just been that one traumatic Smoltz game that’s coloring my memory.

That was a teeeeeeriffic play by Tek blocking the plate. Leaves me a bit blue-balled to have them cut it off right there, but it’s understandable.

I dunno, the weather report looks like it’s only going to get worse. And tomorrow’s really no better. Jeez.

for anyone who saw green pitch last nite-
was he just throwing straight stuff or did he have a variety of pitches?

Papelbon not in the game tonight?Has something to do with Wagner? Anyone knows about any reactions(if any) from Papelbon since Wagner actually became a red sox? I’m clueless on this apart from what Jon said before Wagner was acquired.

Oh,there he is.I’m on gameday and he wasn’t showing in here. Sorry,hehe. I think he threw only some late 80s FBs,rod. You can see the outing on the mlb site. I just had a quick peek,didn’t register his pitches well.

He hit 90 on the radar gun and didn’t do a bad job. Had a little trouble throwing strikes but there was some movement on the ball that made it hard for batters to get a piece of.

thanks mf-yf.
rays and texas loose. too bad the yanks couldn’t have joined them. all around, a pretty decent day of baseball.

No prob,rod. I’m sorry the Jays didn’t win tonight as well,but,hey,that’s asking too much. It was so much easier for the sox to win this one than the Yanks tonight. But all’s well,we all go to sleep happy after all. And after this rain.
See ya guys.

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