Bob Feller, Still Burnin’ It In There at 88

Nice profile of the man who’s spent more than half his life as a HOFer from Tyler Kempner today in the NYT. Here’s what he had to say about Lou Gehrig: “Great fastball hitter, that upper-body strength was real good. He was not a good curveball hitter. I threw that overhand, epileptic snake, and he did not like it. He was a great fastball hitter, better high-ball hitter than low-ball hitter.”

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  • Thanks for the link YF. Great article. The part that gets me is when his grandson is talking about doing his paper with a bibliography containing his conversations with Feller. I wrote that paper when I was in elementary school (based on Feller’s “children’s” autobiography). I wanted to interview Bob Feller soooo badly!

    walein March 7, 2007, 12:02 pm

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