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During today’s pre-game show on NESN, there was an in-depth career retrospective of Wade Boggs, on the week of his induction into the Hall of Fame.  During this feature, Boggs revealed that as he sat on 2999 hits, he awaited an at-bat in the on-deck circle in Tampa.  Cleveland, their opponent, brought in the lefthander Chris Haney, at which point Larry Rothschild, the DRays’ manager, called Boggs back to the dugout and indicated to Boggs that he was pinch hitting for him.  Seriously?  Did this happen?  Pinch hitting for a guy with 2999 hits, one of the all-time great hitters, just because of a lefty-lefty matchup?  According to Boggs, he told Rothschild that he was not being pinch hit for, went to the plate, and proceeded to get his 3000th hit, in the form of a home run.   I know Boggs is a serial narcissist, and this story smacks of fiction.  What manager, even one as hackish as Rothschild, would pinch hit for a guy like Boggs sitting on 2999? 

I am looking for a second confirming source, so Larry, if you visit the site, please, write to me here.  Like Judy Miller, I won’t tell anyone.

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