Bombed at the Joke

After yesterday’s performance by Mike Mussina at Joker Marchant Stadium against the Royals (12 hits, 4 dingers, 10 runs, 75 pitches) we have to wonder if Cash is currently on the phone pleading with Alan Hendricks in the hopes that his most famous client might rethink that whole retirement thing and, you know, pick up again with the Bombers. Especially now that Wright tweaked his shoulder. (Also hurting: Scott Erickson, but maybe that’s a good thing.)

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  • I look at Moose belonging to the same cloth of pitcher as Tim Wakefield :
    Neither is overpowering, and both are very prone to have an outing like this every now and then. Good news for the Yanks is that Moose had his in March and Tim has yet to have it.
    Bad news for the Yanks is that more often that not last year, Moose could not get out of the fifth inning without being beaten to a pulp.
    I’d worry more about Moose’s ability to be effective for the year, not in March. That being said, I think the Leiter retirement hurt a little more than YF’s are letting on. The guy was a good fill-in guy for the Yanks (Remember the Boston start last year after getting him?), and could always be counted on to be ready.

    Brad March 21, 2006, 11:05 am
  • Oh –
    Wright’s worthless, and if Yankee fans are really counting on this guy it could be a long year.

    Brad March 21, 2006, 11:07 am
  • Wright – I think the Yanks are better off with him out of the rotation. He’s not the pitcher he once was thought to be.
    Mussina – not aging well. If last season was an indicator of this one? Well, it’s not a good thing. Brad is right. The pen better be ready.
    Johnson – don’t even get me started.
    Pavano – yeah, again, just stop me now.
    The Yanks loaded up on bats. All I saw in the offseason were comments from the front-office types that pitching was fine. Pitching is not fine. Yankee pitching is weak. It’s frustrating to me. They clearly didn’t learn from the past – pitching wins championships.
    If Clemens can come out to the Bronx again I’d roll out the red carpet and throw the rose petals. I just won’t get all worked-up over the retirment parties this time around. ;)

    sandy March 21, 2006, 10:49 pm

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