Bona Fides

1. (used with a sing. verb) Good faith; sincerity.

2. (used with a pl. verb) Information that serves to guarantee a person’s good faith, standing, and reputation; authentic credentials

A quick note about this site, and a quick exposition on the state of our fandom and some recent exchanges in these parts.  First, we love all the debate here; it’s intelligent (pretty much), funny (sometimes), and for the most part in the spirit of friendly rivalry.  We started the site because though we are supporters of hated rivals, YF and I are great friends. We hoped that the site would make some of our more interesting private email exchanges on the Sox and Yanks public (we’re vain), offer some humor and intelligence about the state of the rivalry to others, and encourage more debate between other fans on the New York and Boston sides of the keyboard.  To our surprise, the site has grown much more than we ever expected, and there even is a sense of a YFSF "community" that goes beyond just two of us and Nick, our esteemed newcomer.  Recently, however, YF has been challenged about the level of his devotion to the Yankees, and it’s been debated whether he supports them enough.  I find this ridiculous, partly because I know YF but also because it makes me vulnerable to the same charge.  Both YF and I are sincere devotees of our teams.  YF is a New York lifer.  His appreciation and knowledge of the historic achievements of the Yankees verges on the professional, his knowledge of general baseball history is surely that.  I grew up in suburban Boston the son of a second generation season ticket holder (my grandfather got the seats in the 40s), often shunning those first baseline tickets on occasion just to "slum it" in the bleachers, where I would usually sit alone on the weekends scoring the game.  So we root for our teams’ successes pretty much unconditionally.  And though there are moments when we disagree with personnel moves, moments when we have to squint our eyes and peer through our hands hoping that someone we hate gets a game-winning hit or throws a big strikeout, and moments when we want to cower in a corner embarrassed over some stupid quip plastered in the tabloids by a prominent right-wing member of the team, we never waver in rooting for them to emerge victorious.  The site is about a rivalry, a forum for debate about that rivalry, and we expect everyone,  ourselves included, to not toe the party line about that rivalry unless that’s what you sincerely believe. In the end, though, there should be no question who we each want to score the most runs.

Now, back to the fray. Go Yankees Red Sox!!

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  • Whaddya talkin SF?
    * Anyone who thinks someone who calls himself “YF” isn’t a Yankee fan, raise their hand.
    * Being born and raised in New York does not make one a Yankee fan. Ask Jonathan Schwartz and most Mets fans.
    * YF does sometimes have bouts of pessimism about his team more befitting a Sox fan than a Yanks fan: “It’s nice to be all confident and bombastic, but it’s my inclination to be realistic, if not harsh, because only then are you prepared to address what may come. Plan for the wost case scenario….” — well, that does sound like a Sox fan.
    But we know he’s a Yanks fan. Let’s not go all girly man here.

    Vinny from Queens April 5, 2006, 2:36 pm
  • Being born and raised in New York does not make one a Yankee fan. Ask Jonathan Schwartz and most Mets fans
    When did I ever say that? I was discussing just YF. I have lots of New York lifer friends who are Mets fans, so I know what you say to be true.
    And we tend to dislike broadstroke generalizations, hence we avoid things like “Sox fans are all pessimistic, calvinist masochists” and “Yankees fans are all bad-mustachioed, f-bomb dropping, arrogant sh*tbags” though they do come in handy at certain moments and can be specifically accurate, depending on one’s mood or location.

    SF April 5, 2006, 2:43 pm
  • I still don’t get it. This makes about as much sense as using Proctor in the 9th, in a tie game, after he came back from sick leave.

    Vinny from Queens April 5, 2006, 2:45 pm
  • Hear hear, SF. I’m a relative newcomer to the rivalry, and though I hate the Yankees, I like that there’s semi-civil ribbing on this site. I grew up in suburban Boston, but wasn’t a Sox fan, in fact I hated them when I was little, I was a mild As and Blue Jays fan in elementary school. I attribute the lack of fandom to parents that were diehard Bills fans form Buffalo – baseball wasn’t high on their priority list. (So, through that and four straight heartbreaking Super Bowl losses, they engendered in me just enough of that Calvinist masochism that I can feel it with lifelong Sox fans.)
    I hated sports other than that, and short of kind of getting into the 1999 pennant race and playoffs, I ignored the Sox and Fenway every summer. Then in 2003, I started paying attention Senior year of college in upstate NY, and was fully into the thick of it when Boone obliterated our spirits. I watched every game of that series except for the last one – that night I was flying out of JFK on JetBlue to visit my girlfriend that evening and had to keep track of the game via the headline crawl on ESPN news (25 digital cable channels, and for the only time in my life I was sad they didn’t have Fox). Thank god I was sitting next to a Sox fan on that flight, or there would have been bloodshed when the final score scrolled slowly across the bottom of the screen.
    After mourning, I cheered for the Marlins (even though I wanted the Cubbies), and immediately bought a new Sox cap. Followed the offseason and every game of the 2004 season, fully thinking I was throwing myself off a cliff. Turns out it was a good year to get re-obsessed with the Sox. And no, I was no more a good luck charm than Nelson de la Rosa.
    ANYways, point of this post is that two weeks ago I was flying out of BWI, back home to help out the folks. Hour to my flight and I stop by a bar to grab a Sam Adams, and three guys at another table notice my Sox cap. Comments made in Brooklyn accents, sniggers, “4th place this yeah” muffled into a G&T glass. I grab my beer from the counter, turn toward the table smiling, and the commenters apologize, say it’s all in good fun from three Yankee fans, hope I don’t mind the obnoxiousness too much. I say “Nah, it’s fine, you’re just fulfilling the stereotypes” (i.e. Yankee fans are loud obnoxious drunks). They lose it. Fall on the floor laughing, shake my hand, insist I join them to enjoy my beer. What followed before my plane took off was a very pleasant, satisfying, good-natured ribbing of each others’ teams. They were three of the nicest strangers I’d met in a long time, three YF bartenders from Belair, MD, off to Vegas for a bachelor party.
    My point’s whatever you want it to be, but I offer that series of semi-anecdotes as a ‘heah heah’ from an unlikely SF, away from home, who can even feel like he’s home already when he’s ribbing the state of the Yankees pitching in an airport bar in Baltimore.

    rk April 5, 2006, 3:55 pm
  • what you guys have done here is greatly appreciated. i’ve had this same relationship with three close friends. whether it’s just quick emailed barbs to get each others goat, or heartfelt expressions of the teams we love, it’s been the exchange that i’ll cherish. what i get most out of your YF v. SF exchange is that you both have mutual respect for one another. i’m starting to warm up to nick. for the people who think YF is getting a little soft, post the address of your blog that defends your team on a daily/hourly basis. much respect.
    go sox.

    sf rod April 5, 2006, 5:15 pm
  • “for the people who think YF is getting a little soft, post the address of your blog that defends your team on a daily/hourly basis”
    Tempest in a teapot? YF getting soft? Who says that?
    sf rod — take a look at Soxaholix whenever a yankee fan comments and you’ll see the blog you’re looking for — soxaholicks can disagree, until a yf shows up, when they circle the wagons
    I’m not saying YF should do that. I still don’t understand what the problem is supposed to be here.

    Vinny from Queens April 6, 2006, 4:40 pm

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