Bonds is the MVP in

Bonds is the MVP in a landslide. But looking at the numbers, I wonder whether this should not have been a closer race. Bonds–deservedly–gets huge credit from voters for his walks, which in themselves indicate just how dangerous opponents find him. So in a sense, that speaks volumes about his “value.” But Pujols put up numbers that would have earned him a triple crown in many a year, and he played in 27 more games than Bonds. That’s a lot of games. In addition, he had dramatically more rbi (we can, in part, blame the walks for this) and runs, and a higher batting average. So to me, this is a pretty close contest. Bonds: 130 g, 341, .529 ob, 45 hr, 22 2bs, 90 rbi, 111 r, 148bb Pujols: 157 g, .359 ba, 439 ob, 43 hr, 45 2bs, 124 rbi, 137 r, 79bb So we might say that Bonds was more valuable when he was in the lineup, but Pujols was in his lineup a lot more often. Take your pick. Other: Ted Lilly back to the Jays in a trade between Beane and Riccardi. With deeper pitching, the Jays could be a threat…. Ibanez to the M’s. That spells the end of Cameron in Seattle.

Posted by YF on 11/19/2003 02:14:37 PM