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Bop at the Trop: Sox-Rays Gamer

Have at it.

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With this lineup, you’d think the Sox could really score.
Oh look, JD Drew. This single at bat will determine conclusively who was right in the other thread.

RBF- the real story is that JD Drew is an asshole for not taking third on that single, right? What a lazy, unemotional good-for-nothing, etc, etc.
I bet he’s such a wuss that he’ll wear one of those new, safer helmets, too!

JD Drew is so inconsiderate, he just leaves dirty dishes in the sink instead of rinsing them off.

I hate complaining about umpiring, but calling that pitch to Youk a strike was a total joke.
And Bay makes Sonnanstine’s life much easier.

Swishalicious is such an amazing athlete, he carried JD Drew’s kids from a burning building. During a game. PeteAbe told me about it.

i thoroughly enjoyed todays jd discussion. it’s good to see people getting worked up about baseball with postseason looming.

the bats are alive tonite. if bay hit that ball in fenway, it would have ricocheted back to the infield holding him to a single.

The Rays are not consistently playing the same defense that got them to the Series last year.

So long as we’re talking about AL East players signed to expensive contracts, AJ Burnett everybody!!
Orioles lead 6-5 in the 5th, no out. Too funny.

maddon is irritating. sorry. i don’t care elvis costello he is. the whole micro-managing thing is tiresome.

3 pitchers in the 6th inning is annoying. This is the kind of thing that makes people feel like baseball is boring to watch.

Stepped away for a bit, not sure I would have gone to Wagner here, with Lester “only” at 97 pitches. I guess Wagner’s one of those “have to start the inning” relievers because of his injury? Well, Francona knows what he’s doing and Wagner looks good.

Youk homers. So far, this game has gone as well for the Sox as I could have possibly hoped. So far.

Or if the Rangers would consent to lose at least one of their two games today. Doesn’t look like that’s going to happen either, though.

So Drew homered, huh? There you go, incontrovertible evidence that Drew will have a fantastic September. Maybe Rob will shut up about it now.

Papelbon will have to throw as many pitches as Lester to get a 6 out save the way he has been pitching this year!

Could have seen that K from Upton a mile away. Eerily similar to a horrible Rays choke vs. Papelbon earlier in the season.

And with that, the Rays’ season likely ends. Good job by the Red Sox to somewhat erase that bugaboo, but they weren’t going to be facing the Rays in the postseason anyway.
Anyway, it’s funny how seasons aren’t so great for a team when every single thing doesn’t go right.

Come on IBM. Nothing wrong with what Andrew said there. and compared to your own visit to the Yankee thread tonight it frankly pales in comparison. Let’s just both enjoy our teams winning tonight, OK?

Andrew, I dunno, Zobrist, Longoria, and Pena could each go yard to tie it. I’m definitely not ruling it out.

agreed andrew. but how does a team go from the opposite end of the spectrum defensively? maddon, as we are to believe, is a serious “little things” guy.
it’s nice to see the site getting testy with the start of september!

sf rod – I think it just goes to show you how unpredictable and crazy defense can be. No wonder the guy who invented UZR says that a minimum of 3 seasons worth of defensive play is needed for it to mean much of anything.
Frankly, until we get Hit F/X, I try to ignore defensive stats altogether. Far too much subjectivity for my tastes.

The walk was the pisser in that Oki inning. The hits that followed were of the BS dinker variety. Infuriating to see them make poor contact on some good pitches low and away and get hits on them a couple times in a row.

Ellsbury with the run-scoring triple. Suck it, Rays. Immediately following the (likely) game-saving catch, too.

So anyway. Screw the hostilites for a moment. I’ve been reading Montville’s tremendous book about TFB. Whenver my 19-month old daughter sees it she proudly looks at me and exclaims, “Baseball!” Except it sounds something like, “Basgo.”
Tonight, I’m logging on to and she says to me, “Sox!” I’m trying to figure out what she said and my wife says, “That’s right, Charlotte. Red Sox.”
Stunned at her perceptiveness, I say to her, “What hame do they play?”
She replies, “Home runs!”
Tell me why I shouldn’t be beaming?

Good to know the net gain for TB will be no more than one for the series. Win tomorrow and put ’em away.

I’m having the opposite experience with my 3-year old daughter IBM. Every times I tell her to say “Let’s Go Yankees!” she says “Dankees!” and collapses in a giggle-fit, knowing that it’s not their name. Nothing I do can convince her to say “Yankees”.

It’s such a great age, Horse. I didn’t have this much fun with my son. I was uptight and job stress was killing me.
I’m enjoying it so much more with the girl.
It’s not the Red Sox stuff, it’s that she grasping some rather complex concepts for a 19-month old. The Red Sox part is gravy.
Adios, amigo. More antagonism tomorrow. :)

Wow IH, your daughter is already 3? It seemed like just yesterday she was a baby, entering the room to Enter Sandman.
Both of those stories are ridiculously cute though. Can’t wait to bring offspring into the rivalry myself.

of note – Lester “tweaked” his right groin muscle earlier in the game, that’s why he was removed (and Ram Ram was warming up early)

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