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Bounce Back: Sox-Orioles Gamer III

Yesterday sucked. Aceves has pretty much sucked for the past year plus. The Red Sox have sucked since September 2011.  But today, the Red Sox have a chance to win their third series in a row to start the season (Toronto has lost all three of theirs). If SF’s had known at the start of the season that this opportunity would be here, we’d have been happy (given what baseball has done to us in the last 18+ months). The Sox can continue to defy expectations with a win today.  Just remember either way, if the season is a game of baseball…after 9 games, we’re only through the top of the 1st.

Tillman vs. Aceves. Comment away!

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Baltimore Orioles:
1. LF: Nate McLouth
2. 3B: Manny Machado
3. DH: Nick Markakis
4. CF: Adam Jones
5. 1B: Chris Davis
6. C: Matt Wieters
7. SS: J.J. Hardy
8. RF: Chris Dickerson
9. 2B: Alexi Casilla
SP: Chris Tillman

Boston Red Sox:
1. CF: Jacoby Ellsbury
2. RF: Shane Victorino
3. 2B: Dustin Pedroia
4. 1B: Mike Napoli
5. 3B: Will Middlebrooks
6. DH: Daniel Nava
7. C: Jarrod Saltalamacchia
8. SS: Stephen Drew
9. LF: Jackie Bradley
SP: Alfredo Aceves

I’m guessing whenever Ortiz is back, JBJ goes down? He’s shown some promise, but also has had a couple defensive miscues and although his patience is good, his stick-swinging has been subpar altogether.

In the games I’ve watched, when he makes contact, it’s not hard. Dribbler through the infield. There’s always the counter-example of Pedroia (who struggled mightily early in his MLB career), but I just think JBJ isn’t ready yet.

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