Bravo, Finally: ESPN and Beisbol

We’ve been complaining in this space for years about the exploitation of Latin Americans by those officially and unofficially connected to MLB. Finally, ESPN has stepped up to the proverbial plate with a multipart expose on Dominican baseball to be seen on air, on the Web, and in its eponymous magazine. This series tracks, among other issues, the pervasive power of buscones (glorified agents), MLB’s baseball “academies,” record tampering, drug usage, and a host of other ills. Raul Mondesi tells ESPN, “I think nowadays [Dominican kids] play more for the money than the love of the game.” That’s pathetic. But the reality that the game is more likely to rob rather than secure their financial futures is even more disturbing. All of the sanguine talk about the internationalism of baseball, especially with a “World Cup” in the offing, is nice, but let’s not let that distract us from the bottom line: MLB and the PA need to work together to change the way baseball operates in Latin America. Now.

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  • Raul Mondesi should be the unequivocated expert on that topic, from what I can tell.

    JeremyM May 2, 2004, 1:04 pm

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