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Breathing Room: Yanks-Rays Gamer I

Freddy Garcia was spotted two before he took the mound, and sat the Rays down in order in the first. Matt Moore is pitching for TB at the Trop. Comment away.

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After Curtis goes down looking in the top of the third, back to back walks to Tex and ARod, but Cano lines a first pitch fastball right back to the pitcher for a 35 DP to end the inning. Oof.

3 solid innings for Freddie????
Well OK then.
Hey AG, we traded Derek Roy for Steve Ott!!! Not sure how much you know about Ott but he is one tough SOB…GREAT trade.

Curtis looks complete lost at the plate…
Slump. City.
Our offense looks stagnant again. Going to need more than 2 runs tonight with Freddie on the mound boys.
This week is very important playing the divisional rivals.

Team DP.
All we fucking do is hit into GOD DAMN DOUBLE FUCKING PLAYS.
2 runs.
3 DP’s.
2-1 mid 6th.
We’re going to lose this fucking game.

Welcome back, Krueg. I don’t know anything about Steve Ott, but will start reading now.
ANOTHER DP. That’s three inning-enders the Yankees have hit into.

Hopefully we hit some HR’s soon.
Also go on youtube and look up John Scott fight…we signed him too. Baddest man in the NHL. Never lost a fight. A monster dude.

…and Robertson blows another game.
He has fucking SUCKED since he got back from the DL.
Maybe he’s done now too.
Fucking awesome.

…and Tex boots a fucking grounder.
Fuck you losers.
Play a real team, fucking lose like always.
Regular season paper fucking champions.
Fuck this bullshit.

With the exception of the 14-7 debacle started by a guy unlikely to start ever again, the Yankees are generally winning — or they are losing very close games. These next 5 games are not critical, but being in the division, it would be great to go at least 3-2 in them. If they can still be up at least 5 games come the ASB, and we can be that much closer to Joba, Gardner, CC, and Pettitte coming back, I’ll be happy.

There’s a combined gamer up top.. Working on some stuff for the site over the next couple of days. Shouldn’t go down, but if it does it is probably my fault.

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