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Bring a Glove: Tribe-Yanks Gamer III

It's a duel of the non-sinking sinkerballers Fausto Carmona and Chien-Ming Wang at The Silo today. YS2.5 has already been the scene of 17 homers; if this afternoon's hurlers fail to keep the ball down (and they've each been terrible in a pair of starts), that number is likely to escalate rapidly, given the prevailing winds gail-force jet stream flowing from home plate toward right field. This should make for an exciting game in the upper and outer reaches of the stadium—ie, the sections of the park that have thus far been occupied by fans; question remains as to whether any more than a smattering will actually make it to the luxury seats to witness the potential fireworks. So far, attendance in those expensive climes has been spotty, at best. If you will be in the Bronx, you're in luck; it's a beautiful day for baseball. For everyone else, comment away right here.

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Joe should go to the long reliever…oh wait…we don’t have one. Even though AJ and Pettitte are the only ones who can actually make it more than 5 innings.

Here we go again. wow. start the carousel. looks like another scorefest at the silo.
maybe if wang goes down to scranton that team will lose their unbeaten streak!

fox showing tons of empties in the team and crumpets zone.
meanwhile, swish misplays one launched into the jetstream and the indians get 2 more runs.

game is over before it even starts…what now? this guy shouldn’t see the mound again this season. Joba looks bad, CC’s done nothing and Wang is putrid. So much for the great rotation. (i know, it’s early but I’m pissed)

I only wish the game wasn’t blacked out so I could hear the boo’s when they finally pulled his sorry ass…
Who the hell is Claggett???

i cant think of a more vivid indictment of the new stadium than the shot just shown of an entire empty section of luxury seats along the infield wall, and directly adjacent to it but just up the line and separated by an impermeable barrier, a full section of less-expensive seats. the yanks really made a park for two different fan sets, and drastically miscalculated their value. their protestations about how well the stadium have been selling are now clearly bushite bullshite.
meanwhile, a torched wang pulled down 7-2. ugh. the good news, in this park no lede is safe.
clagget on. welcome to the bigs!

now 9-2 tribe. just pointing out that the stadium has now allowed >11 runs in every game played. and we’re just getting started here.

i wouldn’t lose it yet, krueg. cc is doing fine. joba is doing fine. burnett and pettitte have both been lights out. phil franchise and ipk are rolling in aaa. it’s not as dire as it seems. gotta figure wang’ll figure things out eventually, even if it means a brief demotion/dl stint.
of course, this game might not end until july.

don’t do it krueg! repeat after me:

It’s a little ridiculous to be on the ledge for a team that’s going to be 6-6 through their first 12. The rotations outside of Wang has been very good. What I AM worried about is the new stadium. These pop fly home runs are really worrying.

I guess…
14-2???? maybe 30-2?
Not just losing, getting ass-pounded. I know it’s early but still…disturbing trend no matter when it happens. Every season we start off behind the 8 ball because of slow starts. Would have liked to get off to a good start as opposed to playing catch-up all season long.

On the flip side, being 6-7 despite some absolutely horrid starts is pretty good if you ask me.

agreed, mark.
also, i read a lot from the stathead set about swish’s defensive value, but in my casual observation thus far he’s looked pretty average. just made his 2nd error, and earlier this game misplayed a ball.

if i were in that stadium today, i’d start chanting, “refund, refund, refund…”
that’s the worst part. it used to be that if you had tickets and the team got blown out, you could go back next week. now going to a game is a once or twice a year treat. what a shame.

hallelujah. ramirez only gives up 1, strands 3.
man, the new homer-friendly park is going to be big trouble for him, given his tendency to give up the gofer

22-4 would be a butt-whuppin’ even in football…
pitching and defense:
22 runs 25 hits 1 error

pitching and defense: era at 34.50 and climbing…are we seeing why the yankees were so reluctant to throw big multi-year money at wang?…either the couple of good years he had were a fluke, or he flat out forgot how to pitch after missing last year, or he’s still hurt, favoring the foot maybe, and screwing up his mechanics…time will tell i guess…

The good news, YFs, is that the Tribe is starting… wait for it… wait for it… CARL PAVANO against you today.
Fifteen runs in the first against Glass Carl? Very doable.

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