Let’s Play Two: Brew-Sox Gamers I/II

The last time the Milwaukee Brewers played at Fenway Park, Butch Henry picked up the win behind two home runs by John Valentin — two of six hit by the Red Sox on the day. Here are the six home runs, and the last time we heard of these players:

  • John Valentin (2): Retired after playing a season for the Mets in 2002.
  • Wil Cordero: 29 games for the Nationals in 2005 with a -14 OPS+
  • Troy O’Leary: 93 games with the Reds in 2003,.
  • Bill Haselman: 3 at bats on a very brief return jaunt with the Red Sox in 2003.
  • Jeff Frye: That was one of the three home runs he hit al year and the 16 he hit in his eight seasons. Played 74 games with Toronto in 2001.

A six-homer attack would be more than welcome today. Comment on both games here!

Baseball-Reference preview

R. Weeks 2b .187
M. Cameron cf .190
R. Braun lf .286
P. Fielder 1b .255
C. Hart rf .302
J.J. Hardy ss .246
J. Dillon dh .250
B. Hall 3b .195
J. Kendall c .283
J. Suppan 4.63
J. Ellsbury cf .282
D. Pedroia 2b .306
D. Ortiz dh .234
M. Ramirez lf .308
M. Lowell 3b .273
K. Youkilis 1b .318
J.D. Drew rf .296
J. Varitek c .263
J. Lugo ss .285
D. Matsuzaka 2.45
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  • Looks like a delay of at least 30 minutes

    rootbeerfloat May 16, 2008, 7:06 pm
  • 30 minutes come and gone. Still no baseball.

    Dionysus May 16, 2008, 7:39 pm
  • any word?

    sf rod May 16, 2008, 8:37 pm
  • Games been called. Double header (ugh) tommorrow

    Dionysus May 16, 2008, 9:15 pm
  • At least it’s a weekend.

    Kazz May 16, 2008, 10:46 pm
  • Post revised and brought to the top by yours truly. AG is not actually wishing for the Sox to hit six home runs today. At least, I don’t think he is…

    Paul SF May 17, 2008, 4:05 pm
  • > AG is not actually wishing for the Sox to hit six home runs today. At least, I don’t think he is..
    Sure he is. He just hopes Prince & Co. hit seven.

    attackgerbil May 17, 2008, 4:10 pm
  • Drew walks, 1 – 0 Sox

    Polf May 17, 2008, 4:19 pm
  • aw, Tek. Awful.

    SF May 17, 2008, 4:21 pm
  • PAPI! Two-out, three-run shot! 4-0 Sox.
    (I’m about to go to a wedding in Minneapolis…nice send-off.)

    Devine May 17, 2008, 4:44 pm
  • Pretty decent outtign so far by Daisuke. Only 2 Ks, but only one walk. No runs, so I’ll take it so far.
    Keep padding that lead boys!

    Dionysus May 17, 2008, 4:55 pm
  • Ugh. We just let Suppan off the hook with a 7 pitch inning.

    Dionysus May 17, 2008, 4:58 pm
  • Wow. I was SURE Lugo was gonna make an error there.

    Dionysus May 17, 2008, 5:06 pm
  • LFRS strikes again. What a joke. He’s just awful.

    SF May 17, 2008, 5:57 pm
  • Wake strikes out the side in the first. Very shiny. Hope he can keep it up and we can pound the crap out of this Bush guy

    Dionysus May 17, 2008, 8:43 pm

    Dionysus May 17, 2008, 8:51 pm
  • what an empty comment day…

    Brad May 17, 2008, 10:22 pm
  • Ugly, ugly game.
    Will fans be calling for Cora’s head now that he’s made a key error in this game and gone 0-for-3?

    Paul SF May 17, 2008, 11:32 pm
  • Why is Cash batting with Manny available and Tek ready to go for an inning?

    SF May 17, 2008, 11:42 pm
  • I don’t know what’s happening back east, but here we are in 95+ for a couple of days now. Bizarre. Supposed to cool down tomorrow, but man it is hot.

    attackgerbil May 17, 2008, 11:42 pm
  • And Cash promptly GIDPs. Way to manage for that insurance, Tito.

    SF May 17, 2008, 11:43 pm
  • Ugh, TImlin in to “close”. Color me extremely pessimistic.

    SF May 17, 2008, 11:45 pm
  • Did I really just see an 8 pitch save from Timlin??

    stuck working May 17, 2008, 11:49 pm
  • Wow, two down quick.
    Make that three! Game over. Nicely done by Timlin, despite expectations and that gaudy ERA.

    SF May 17, 2008, 11:49 pm
  • I was at the nightcap, but left with illness before the 7th. Anyway, fans in RF who saw Gagne warming started jeering at him. One guy shouted “You ruined my life, Gagne!” On the way back, Joe C said on the radio that fans were chanting “We want Gagne!”
    And that was NOT Timlin pitching. Throwing 94, with movement?! Obviously Theo just lent Papelbon his Timlin suit.

    Andrew F (Sox Fan) May 18, 2008, 1:06 am
  • Never underestimate the power of adrenaline. Maybe there’s some life in Timlin yet…

    Paul SF May 18, 2008, 10:31 am

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