“Bring on the Sox,” says

“Bring on the Sox,” says Boomer. The A’s look more vulnerable, but for the sake of YSFS, we’d have to agree. (And we have to take credit for the continued accuracy of our prognostications regarding this series.) Some other thoughts: Jeff Brantley: Please, could you just stop talking…occassionally…even for a couple of minutes. We had to switch to the radio yesterday. We can’t speak to Mr. Hudson’s thinking re Pedro vs. Zito (maybe he’s a fan of youth?), but the real question at hand is whether Zito on 3 days rest can keep up with Pedro on full (but after a wopping 130 pitch effort in his last start)? “Cowboy Up”: I don’t know; I just can’t see Manny or Pedro or Nomar in chaps and a Stetson. Not to mention poor Theo. Can the Red Sox Nation really love this group of Bible-thumping would-be Good Ole Boys. Massachussetts is a Blue State, right? Robert Fick, Jeff Weaver: what’s the deal with these nutty ex-Tigers? The Twins Management: Craig Kilborne? Prince, we could understand….

Posted by YF on 10/6/2003 02:21:53 PM