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Caboose: Sox-Angels Gamer II

Your last place Red Sox!

Enjoy the game, we'll be enjoying the clean outdoor air (and, if we do get iinside, the Masters).

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Old, encrusted SF in me is thinking this year is going to suck big time. Good thing times have changed. I think. Or not. Who knows. TGiA.

Can somebody help me out? I am following the game on gameday. If their strike zone is anything to go by then Penny had Napoli struck out twice on pitches that were called balls before Napoli hit his second homer.
And the first pitch to Figgins according to game day also clearly was a strike but got called a ball.
Is Penny getting squeezed or are the umps somewhat consistent in their calls?

Lowrie strikes out and his average drops to .059.
Varitek doubles and pushes his average to .267!
It’s only game six, I know.
Ellsbury pops out. 4-3 Sox, middle of the 7th.

I thought Penny was getting squeezed a bit in that Napoli AB too, but I’ve only been paying halfhearted attention (it’s hard to eat a chili cheese dog and maintain focus on the game, at least if I want to keep my pants chili-free).

Unrelated: this square-butt Burger King commercial is completely blowing my mind.

Re: weird play – Youk kinda bobbled an Abreu grounder, but Pedroia zipped in, scooped it up and shoveled it over to Ramirez covering first. It was pretty awkward, and they barely got the out, but all’s well that ends well. :)
Can you watch on Fox? The announcers aren’t especially painful today, surprisingly.

Can’t watch anything right now. I am in Europe. Wanted to subscribe to MLB.TV for the first time, but something must have gone wrong and I’m waiting for MLB to sort it out.

Bay saves Papelbon from a blown save. What’s wrong with him? He certainly didn’t look dominant in Spring Training, and didn’t seem to be right most of last year (although he still put up spectacular numbers).

Well, at least you get to be in Europe. :)
Not enjoying this inning so far. Ugh,

Ooh, Andrew, that sounds a lot like an attempt at a reverse jinx! Normally I’d agree, but you have to keep in mind that Papelbon is on my fantasy team and thus likely to do just badly enough to screw over my otherwise lovely week of pitching stats.

Thank fucking god. (I thought Baldelli was going to drop that after he caught it, too.)

Kendrick flies out after fouling off what seemed like dozens of pitches. Sox win. It’s way too early in the season for nailbiters like this.
At least tomorrow my favorite Texan will take the mound.
Goodbye for today.

NIce comeback. Beckett tomorrow, and 2 of 3 from the Halos would be a really nice series and it might settle a good number of Sox fans. I am guessing today went a long way, even though some of the big boppers continue to struggle.
Also good to see Penny contribute “slightly better than #5 stuff”, a far cry from Clay last season.

Papelbon struggled today, couldn’t locate. The fox announces, IMO, were terrible. I can’t believe burger king is using baby got back to promote a kids toy. Pedro has hit the ball hard, and doesn’t have much to show for it, he’ll be OK. Papi not so sure about, but he has hit into the shift a few times, good to see Lowell and Bay go deep.
The AL West is just not a good division – they shuold sweep everyone.
I hope Remdog is ok.

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