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Caption this Photo, Win a Free Book


Sheff sure was excited when he crossed home plate in the third inning of Game 1. What was he thinking? How about A-Rod? Enter YFSF’s Caption-This-Photo Contest and let us know what you think. Submit your entry via email to:

The winner will be announced before the beginning of Game 2 of the ALCS, and will receive a copy of The Rivals: The Boston Red Sox vs The New York Yankees, An Inside History by the baseball writers of the New York Times and the Boston Globe, courtesy of St. Martin’s Press. Entries due by 5:00 PM today. [See Comments for the winning caption!]

3 replies on “Caption this Photo, Win a Free Book”

And the winner is…
“You’re supposed to slap my ass. Not pinch it!” [submitted by Robert N.]
Honorable mention
“You gave the maximum personal contribution of $2000 to Bush/Cheney!?” [submitted by James B.]
Thanks to everyone who entered, and stay tuned for a new contest later this week.—YF & SF

We apoligize for any confusion as to the deadlines for this contest. We’ll be having another one shortly, (stay tuned!) and promise to do a better job of notification in the future.

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