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Case For Pedro

David Murphy of the Philadelphia Inquirer breaks down the decision by Charlie Manuel to start Pedro Martinez in game two of the World Series.

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Pedro might make me look bad, but I think it’s an awful move by the Phils, and great for the Yanks if they can take advantage of him. At the very least, what’s his pitch count limit? 90? Unless he’s really on, the Yanks will burn through that.
The only benefit is that there’s a rest day the next day, so they can burn that bullpen. I guess that’s probably it..

Sorry, but until Pedro is out of baseball, he’ll always scare me. And I was at the “Who’s your Daddy?” game and sitting right behind two schmucks who wore red into Yankee Stadium.
Pedro is a true pitcher. Always has been, especially with his short stature. That his fastball is diminished doesn’t change that. I’ll be nervous until they put up a big crooked number.

first inning two run missle to left field from Arod after Pedro misses over the plate trying to pitch him inside.
or conversly, 6 innings of one hit ball. I’m conflicted. It depends on game time temperature I think

I cannot wait to hear the reception for Pedro…watch him drill someone too. Should be VERY interesting…

Does this mean that Zimmer will throw out the first pitch in Game 2? ;^>
Anyway, if this move works out, Manuel’s move will look like a stroke of inspired genius… But it seems more like tempting the worst sort of fate. The crowd, of course, will be going wild in the Stadium. More to the point, the core Yankee hitters (Jeter, Posada, ARod, Matsui) have faced Pedro a zillion times and had a lot of success against him. And that was back when he was a much tougher pitcher.
Gah, now I have to watch Game 2. The one big winner here is television.

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