Cash Back, Theo to Go?

Didn’t take long for those hot stoves to heat up. Rumors have it that The Boss wants Cashman to remain in NY, and in Boston it seems negotiations between Theo and the Sox have left the parties separated by a wide margin. And we all still wait for some comment from Joe Torre, in the wake of Mel Stot’s departure and Congratulationsgate—perhaps the most tepid Steinbrenner controversy ever, and how sad/bizarre/ironic would it be if this were to result in Joe’s departure?

Meanwhile, Tom Gordon doesn’t think he’ll be back—rejoice, Spidey!—which clears the way for a broad bullpen restructuring (BJ Ryan?), and it seems that Matsui has been offered a three-year deal for roughly $35 million. That’s a big check, but the Yanks, one suspects, can afford it, and he’s been a real joy to watch—the new century’s Paul O. That still leaves centerfield and some kind of DH to deal with in the offseason. And there’s some good news: the minor system now has several excellent prospects at its lower and middle levels. They may not be as close to the Majors as some of the Sox kiddies, but you never know, and their trade value should be high.

As for those Sox, they’ve got all kinds of issues to address. We’ll let SF discuss those in depth, but we would not be as sanguine as he appears to be were we given his shoes. Damon will likely bail. Manny wants out. The bullpen is a disaster. The rotation is a mess. Varitek and Nixon ain’t gettin’ any younger….

Finally, let us address the whole “blame game” issue. A-Rod has been taking it hard in the press for his ALDS performance, even though his OBP was up over .400. Yeah, he had a shitty series. And he’s a sensitive guy, so it seems it upset him. But let’s not saddle with him with the blame for this loss. It took the entire team to lose. Sheff and Matsui and Randy all had lousy series as well. But mainly let’s blame management. With better pre-season planning, they wouldn’t have been stuck pitching Johnson so deep into a game on the 2nd to last day of the season. Anyway, whatever. How many days till pitchers and catchers report?

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  • Sheesh, YF. You should apply for a job at the YES network. Lets clear some of this up.
    1) Damon has said that he wants to stay. Doesn’t mean he will, but it also doesn’t mean he’ll go either.
    2) Manny always wants out, but also wants to meet with management about the future of the team. Would he want to do this if he wanted out?
    3) Varitek and Nixon aren’t getting any younger, but nobody on the yankees or even on this planet is either, so its not that abnormal.
    The big question is Theo or Not Theo? If Lucchino fouls this one up for us he should be on the first flight out of town. I don’t see what the hold up is. Theo wants to be recognized as on of the best GMs in the game. I think even YF would say he is is one of the best. So, please, John Henry, pay the man who brought a WS championship to Boston. If he wants $1.5M for christ’s sake give it to him. Is it really worth the extra $700,000 to start all over with a new unproven GM? The Sox blew that amount of money on Mark Bellhorn this season. Nobody can tell me that Theo isn’t worth Bellhorn money… Lets get this done, so we can move on to the real business at hand of improving this ballclub.

    mattymatty October 15, 2005, 1:22 pm
  • And why wouldn’t Boston and ? bid for BJ? If he can be a multi-millionaire closer somewhere else, why should he be a set-up man in New York?

    john yf October 15, 2005, 9:40 pm
  • Good point, John. The logic people are spewing about Wagner and Ryan is just another example of the cockiness that most Yankee fans feel towards other players in this league; any player who ever picks up a ball and bat wants to play for the Yanks, and until they do, their legacy is not complete.
    If someone really sits down and thinks about it, taking the Boston or NY blinders off, they’d see that most guys don’t want the pressure of playing in those towns. You know what will happen to Ryan when he gives up that big homerun five or six times this year, as he no doubt will do? Or, what would happen to Wagner after blowing four or five saves in the first half, and one of them being a never ending shot to Sheff?
    Boston and NY should both stay away from overpaying for either of these guys. One is a shaky lefty, and the other is nearly forty.
    Also, if Theo is not rehired and Cash is, not only will I be sending John ten dollars (which will suck) but I most definitely will not be as excited about the season to get here.

    brad-sf October 16, 2005, 10:40 am
  • I think that the Cashman should go to Philly and work his magic in NL, while the Boss should just offer Theo a blank check – $3m or even more – to hire him as Yankees GM. Perfect!

    Sam October 16, 2005, 11:06 am
  • BJ Ryan said that he’d be willing to set up for a contender such as the Yanks or the Sox. Since it looks like the Yanks are losing Gordon, which leaves Tanyon Sturtze as the team’s second best reliever, I strongly hope the team goes after Ryan. Considering he gave up just 4 home runs each of the last two years and he puts up sick k/inning numbers, I’d be more than happy to take on the risk that is inherent in any pitcher going to the high-stress situation that is the Bronx. After all, sometimes players thrive in places like New York and Boston. Just ask Big Papi.

    Nick October 16, 2005, 11:09 am
  • And ask Big Papi what he thinks of BJ, too, while you are at it. Or just cue up a tape from the first part of the season, a bottom of the ninth it was, if I remember correctly…

    SF October 16, 2005, 1:30 pm
  • oops! I guess I set you up. Still, I like Ryan’s numbers overall against the Sox the past two years. He’s been less successful against the Yanks but that’s a sox fan’s concern…

    Nick October 16, 2005, 6:20 pm
  • For the record. The Sox vs Ryan: .200 BA, .276 OPB, .264, SLG., 110AB, 40K, 12BB, 2HR (both by Ortiz). Not bad.

    YF October 16, 2005, 7:01 pm
  • and since this is yfsf, here are his stats against the yanks:
    .230 BA, .361 OBP, .396 SLG. 139AB, 43K, 27BB, 5HR. Pretty decent, but not as dominant as he is with the Sox.

    Nick October 16, 2005, 9:05 pm

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