Cash is King

Someone help me out here.  I know the Unit to NY approval was a foregone conclusion, but it would be nice if MLB and Bud Selig could get their stories straight.  They say they won’t approve deals involving significant amounts of money (of course they don’t want it to appear that teams are selling their players off, even if it’s a transparent desire).  But the Johnson to NY deal involves what can only be considered a dramatic offloading of cash by the Yankees to the Diamondbacks.  They ship the DBacks 9 million cash, they take a 22M (including deferred money) player with a no-trade clause and an everyone-knows-it’-been-demanded 2 year 32M+ extension off their hands, and they offload a now-subsidized 24M pitcher and prospects and some cheap-ass prospects.  By my ticker, the Diamondbacks are getting an enormous amount of money, nearly 30M in comparable cash value.   The technicality is that Johnson isn’t signed for those 2 additional years, but that’s just a red herring, to this blogger.  It’s a foregone conclusion that Johnson is a 3-year 48M player, and the D-Backs would either have to pay up or lose his value.  They aren’t getting back the equivilant in personnel, but in cold hard green.

So where or what are those principles again, Mr. Selig?  Or is all about the principal?

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