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CC CC CC Saturday Open Thread

What a night for CC. And seeing him field the bunt by Torii Hunter was a treat. A man that big and strong that moves that well? Fortunately the Giants are set at defensive end. What a great stretch by Teixera to complete the play. There were two debatable calls in a short span between that and the ARod collision with Mathis where Mathis didn’t actually apply the tag. I don’t have a problem with the call on the play at the plate. That’s a tough call for McClelland on what is inarguably the most exciting play in baseball. I’m glad neither guy got seriously hurt (though I bet they both feel it today) and ARod should not have been running, the throw had him plainly beat, blah blah. The call at first, which the ump got right, was even tougher to see in real time. Well done, Laz Diaz. Listening to Tim McCarver sputter, ignore what millions of viewers could plainly see, backtrack and justify was more awkward than listening to Ronan Tynan sing at the Harmonie Club. But that’s enough time spent on a short window of a game that belonged to CC. That little exchange between McClelland and Girardi regarding the AAA guy that closed last night was a nugget of pure, joyous humor.

ARod said later that he should not have tried to score on the collision play. I hope he doesn’t dwell on that for more than five seconds. The Yankees have scored 19 runs in four games in the post season. ARod has driven in seven of them.

Consider this your place to comment on the day’s events, whether it be baseball or whatever else. Saunders/Burnett tonight. B-R Preview. Back with the gamer later.

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What a great game to see in person! The rain stopped in the first and CC was just silly. The chant was deafening. Can’t wait to hear that for the next ten Octobers!

That was a sick performance by the Yankees Ace…yes, we have a freaking Ace finally. I’m still experiencing a happiness hangover right now!
Are they playing tonight or what YF’s that live up there?

Yeah, my mother lives in Harlem and said it isn’t too bad yet but they are expecting it…
In the immortal words of Tom Petty…the waiting is the hardest part.

No rain yet. If they do call it I hope they don’t do it after making fans sit in rain for 4 hours. Apparently if they move it to tomorrow it will likely be at 4:30 to allow for flight back to LA and avoind playing 2 games on 2 coasts within 24 hrs.
Hope AJ brings it tonight.

This game is happening tonight. Rain hasn’t started beyond a drizzle and chances of rain go up as of 3am and stay higher through tomorrow night than they are now. Off to the stadium! Let me know sam + John if you want to connect up there!

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