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C.C. Grooving Factory: Yanks-O’s Gamer

Sabathia’s line in August was pretty special. He takes the mound tonight for the Bombers while the O’s send Jason Berken, who has put together a couple decent outings of his own. Comment away.

NY Yankees
D. Jeter ss .333
J. Damon lf .288
N. Swisher 1b .248
A. Rodriguez 3b .269
H. Matsui dh .265
R. Cano 2b .320
M. Cabrera cf .273
E. Hinske rf .241
J. Molina c .232
C. Sabathia 3.56
B. Roberts 2b .285
C. Izturis ss .260
N. Reimold lf .274
N. Markakis rf .307
M. Mora 3b .262
M. Wieters c .263
L. Scott dh .264
T. Wigginton 1b .264
F. Pie cf .270
J. Berken 6.33

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ARod RIPS a liner to thrid, caught, doubles up Johnny…f-ck. Hit it right at him.
It’s very strange to be actually excited to watch a Yankee pitcher…it’s been so loooooooooooong!!!

SAC fly for Nick…0-1. If we had a LF’er with an arm, could have been a play at the plate…

CC got out of it only giving up 1 run…not SO bad I guess…
Come on bats, get it going!

Super quick 1-2-3 inning…not cool. At least make this no-name scrub pitcher break a sweat???

CC is getting knocked around pretty good…I’m starting to become dissatisfied with his start.
Don’t make me angry CC, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry…

So I almost made a snarky reply to your assertion in the not-so-funny-until-AG-logged-in humor thread about game threads being civil. Like “only when the yanks are winning, otherwise they make your eyes cross”. But I’m no AG.

Hinske and Hairston have been fantastic midseason pickups. Has there been a GM who’s conjured more out of nothing on the trade front this year? Swisher, Hinske, Hairston…

I agree with you Andrew. They weren’t sexy, but they were solid and sometimes solid fits better than sexy. When Hinske plays, which seems like once a week, he usually produces. He’s not great with the glove, but he’s solid at the bat and he affords the Yankees the opportunity of giving regulars the day off here and there. Hairston is so versatile. Sure I’d rather have his brother, but as a bench player I will take Jr. Swisher, forget about it. I have been singing his praises before he even had his 1st at bat. I have always had a man crush on him from a distance and this season only reinforces that. I have said before I will say it again I love this team from top to bottom. There’s not a player on this team I do not like and think fits. I don’t know that they will win the WS, but I tell you I have had more fun this season that I have had in a very long team rooting for these guys.

1-2-3 for CC…nice, he appears to be back on track.
We need many, many, many runs…now.

“…I don’t know that they will win the WS, but I tell you I have had more fun this season that I have had in a very long team rooting for these guys. …”
my sentiments exactly john…they’ve seemed so uptight prior to this year, always trying to do and say the right things, and having the same reaction to wins that they had for losses…i find the looseness, and cream pie celebrations a very refreshing change…

Agreed John and dc. Of course, winning is always fun, but this team is fun to watch. They actually seem to enjoy playing together, the bats are always a threat from top to bottom plus bench (best bench in YEARS by the way, esp when Gardner returns), the pitching has been good enough to keep them in and deep enough to threaten a great outing on amy given night, and the pen is very strong thanks to Hughes’ arrival, the emergence of ice-water Aceves and the ever-consistent Mo. The biggest fears coming into the year (age leading to injury and defense) have become pleasant surprises and for the first time there seems less of a divide between the dynasty-core guys and everyone else. Torre’s departure is at least partially responsible for that whatever else good or bad you might say about his leaving. All in all, good times and lots of wins.

Slow your roll boys…hit the brakes. This is WAY too much positivity! We haven’t won anything yet! You guys are going to jinx it with the positive love fest!!!! ;)

“Somewhere Kate is cheering.”
Love it kr. Actually, from the article you linkied to the “somewhere” seems pretty clearly to be A-Rod’s apartment.
A-Rod picked. Oh well. Still a night for additional potential separation between CC and Beckett in the Cy race. But two runs with no Mo is certainly not comfortable…

UZR may say Cano has below-average range, but damn does he have nice hands, and a fantastic arm. Below-average second baseman my ass.

He also has a ridiculously quick release.
Uh oh…Bruney. I have that feeling you get when a roller coaster is ascending at a slower and slower rate clink..clink..clink…..clink….clink….clink………clink………clink………….clink……………Bruney

Why in the world was Bruney in this game? He is worthless. We all know this. Why is he even on the roster anymore??
3-2. 1 out.

There goes cc’s 16th win. I really don’t get why Girardi is showing THIS much trust in him. Throw him in big lead situations and he sucks so you put him in a 2 3un game for which Month won’t be available for the save? Really?? I guess a comfortable division lead allows you to take some liberties, but come on. Let him prove himself just once in a blowout, ok Joe?!?

Looks like since Rivera is unavailable for the save, the bullpen hierarchy is moved up. Bruney and Coke are the 7th-inning guys, now pitching in the 8th. Hughes in for the save.

“Month” is supposed to be “Mo”. Annoying auto-speller/completer.
I think Bruney just got tossed outside the circle of trust. I certainly hope so. Sucks for cc.

I used to hate Damon’s little slap singles to left when he was on the sox. I’ve grown to love them.

Sorry – my head was really up my a#* there. I thought that was a 2-run dinger off Bruney (was forced to watch that inning on picture-in-picture and so couldn’t tell. CC still on for the sin if they can see this through!
Come on A-ROD!!!!!!

A-Rod is Mr. Clutch tonight. Yankees are cruising to 6 in a row…I believe that will be the fifth such streak this year.

A-Rod has been RISP-a-licious lately. Mostly singles, but lots of RBIs. And Matsui keeps the merry-go-round going! Pile on!

Sheesh, do you even leave in Hughes at this point? No real reason to take him out – he hasn’t pitched since Sunday.

10-2. Damon RBI single. This is a bloodbath, third pitcher of the inning coming in the 9th…

A freaking house of horrors for the O’s. This line-up is so balanced and productive. They do it with HRs, endless singles, whatever. Jeter now 8 back from Gehrig. Break it at home Jeet!

This team is sick. Taking care of business against the crap teams. As REO once sang, “Keep on rollin’, keep on rollin’….woooooooo…wooooooo…woooooooo!”

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