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CC Opts In

CC Sabathia chooses not to opt out! The big guy has signed an extension. My analysis: Yay!

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Maybe it’s the aftereffects of the kief, but I’m giddy too. How great is it to have a largely drama-free organization? My goodness how things have changed…

Now go get Whirling Darvish…
CSN, Yu and the Killer B’s for the next 10 years on the mound in the Bronx.
PS My mother is actually moving to the Bronx this weekend! Although, her place in Harlem was actually closer to the Stadium.

Glad to have CC back. The contract is nuts, but the alternative was even nuttier!
Not much not to like about this team other than age and AJ Burnett. Cashman gets GM of the decade if he can find a suitor for AJ…The age thing we are stuck with.

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