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I've heard he's an intellectual sort, but I hadn't necessarily thought the new Yankee ace would be a Terry Gross fan. Nice to know. But if he really wants to get comfortable in New York, he should make a habit out of this city's great radio treasure (and baseball afficianado), Brian Lehrer
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  • Well he’s from the San Francisco area and is going to live in the NY area so it would be fitting that he is a liberal.

    Rob Abruzzese February 16, 2009, 2:19 pm
  • That pic really doesn’t do the fresh part justice. Here’schange I can believe in.

    Rob February 17, 2009, 6:49 am
  • did he slim down a bit, or is that just a big shirt designed to make him look more trim…?

    dc February 17, 2009, 8:21 am
  • He definitely slimmed down and he also has a tattoo over his entire right arm now. The guys at River Ave Blues had a post on this…

    sam-YF February 17, 2009, 9:37 am
  • Black is a slimming color, though he’d have to be wearing 7-8 shirts to look that slim.
    As a Sox fan, his weight (or lack thereof) worries me.

    Atheose - SF February 17, 2009, 12:55 pm

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