Celebrate Good Times

With no game until Tuesday, our heroes had last night free to kick back, relax, and let off a little steam. What did they do? Our sources report the following:

Pedro: Dwarf bowling with Nelson
A-Rod: Looked in mirror
Derek: See Page Six
Matsui: Movie rental—Yojimbo
Bernie: Kenny G. concert
Damon: Late-night session at Frederic Fekkai
Manny: Still not home
K. Brown: Movie rental—Anger Management
D. Sveum: Played miniature golf, got stuck on “windmill” hole
Sheff: Picked up refill of body lotion prescription
D. Lowe: Last minute visit to Dr. Melfi
Lofton: Hit Citarella, got some cheese to go with his wine
Francona: Read Joe Torre’s Ground Rules for Winners

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