Change of Address for The Banter

Three cheers and a tiger to Alex Belth and the rest of our very good friends over at Bronx Banter, which has a new address as a member of the SNY blog network. Make sure you bookmark the new URL. Alex is still running things, and will still be serving up his indispensable daily observations on the Yanks and life in New York; Cliff will continue with his gimlet-eyed analysis of players and teams; occasional YFSF contributor Emma Span will still be there; and there are a few fine new voices added, along with a handy daily link feature. It's a great boon for Yanks fans, and really baseball fans everywhere. (Minor nit: the new design, still in beta, is a bit busy for my taste.) Unlike the newspapers that cover our favorite teams, there's always been a sense of camaraderie within the baseball blogosphere, and we're glad to see one of our own growing in its success. Check it out.