Check it Twice: Sox-Tigers Postmortem II

Well, Theo undoubtedly is making a pair of wish lists, and it’s no secret what’s on them. This week, he’ll be looking for the next Fisk/Piazza/Varitek and the next Ortiz/Ramirez — in other words, a good offensive catcher and a power-hitting outfielder or two. Over the next several days, he’ll be looking (we hope) for a starter and a reliever. Because, folks, it just ain’t working.

Julian Tavarez wasn’t the reason the Sox lost yesterday. The runs he gave up weren’t the difference in the game. But if you have any job as a reliever when you come in with two outs in the eigth and two men on, it’s to get the third out — not give up a three-run home run on the second pitch. It’s clear that the Sox bullpen consists of Papelbon and Van Buren, two rookies and the only two pitchers to consistently hold down offenses. Seanez and Tavarez have been disasters, Delcarmen’s been misused and inconsistent, DiNardo and Timlin are injured, Riske is a question mark.

Yesterday’s loss, although chiefly a failure of the offense to be productive in any capacity against a good pitcher, highlights the fact that we cannot keep running the same men out there for the rrest of the season and hope to win the East. I have faith that Epstein is smart and resourceful enough to make those changes.

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  • The Globe is reporting that Lester is to make his debut next Saturday during the Texas double header.

    Rob June 4, 2006, 11:50 am

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