Chicken Littles?

“Falling Fast”

“Bumbling Bombers”

The Weak that Was”

These are the reasonably negative headlines from some of the local tabs in New York, after the Yankees’ lost week. The Sox, pulling within 5 in the loss column, appear primed for a stretch run, with improved defense, more consistent starting pitching, and clutch hitting. The Yanks look staggered, with their bullpen faltering, their offense flailing. But let’s be real, the Sox have a long way to go to get back to the top. 5 games over 40 is not insignificant, if the Yankees play a mere 22-18 the Sox need to play .675 ball the rest of the way just to pull even, and I don’t think there’s any reason for the Yankees or their fans to panic because of this recent run. They ought to be concerned, that’s about it, but it’s nothing we didn’t know already: the Yankees, despite their record, are a severely flawed team.

As for the Boston media, the picture painted seems a bit more rosy though hardly overconfident, with only one blatantly nauseating headline coming a week ago from, who else, Dan Shaughnessy (surprise surprise), acting all confident with a bold prediction of “Plan on Them Being There”, as if he’s been Mr. Optimism all along. Yuck. The Sox are on a roll, but we all ought to reserve our elation until there’s some room at the top of the Wild Card heap, and less space between the faltering Yanks and the barnstormers from Beantown.

Keep it going, Petey.

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