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Choose One: Nats-Yanks Gamer III

1. Set your face on fire and put it out with a rake, gargle a broken glass-n-drano smoothie and stick white-hot knitting needles in your eyes while listening to a Plastic Ono Band LP at 16RPMs.

2. Watch the Yanks drop another game to the Nats.

Comment here on your I-really-want-to-get-away early game action.

C. Guzman ss .323
N. Johnson 1b .311
R. Zimmerman 3b .305
A. Dunn dh .259
A. Kearns rf .201
C. Patterson cf .111
W. Harris lf .223
R. Belliard 2b .175
W. Nieves c .262
C. Stammen 5.86
NY Yankees
B. Gardner cf .276
J. Damon lf .286
M. Teixeira 1b .284
A. Rodriguez 3b .219
R. Cano 2b .308
N. Swisher rf .239
H. Matsui dh .249
F. Cervelli c .298
R. Pena ss .253
J. Chamberlain 3.84

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I suppose I shouldn’t, but I can’t help pointing out that the auto odds given at the ESPN link for this game at right are 67% NYY, versus 33% for the Nats, making the latter 2:1 underdogs.
This seems conservative, considering that the Nats are 7 and 24 (worse than 3:1) for away games and 7 and 28 (4:1) since May 10th.
Is ESPN just exhibiting their classic anti NYY bias, or do they know something we don’t?
(runs away)

1. Joba Chamberlain is pitching, and there’s a 75% chance he’s either hungover or still drunk this early in the day
2. Jeter is out of the lineup, and the Yankees forget how to play baseball without the guidance and leadership from their captain
3. Gardner, Cervelli and Pena are all in the lineup

Boy, did everyone’s Wheaties get peed in this morning or what???
My prediction, if they get the game in:
Cervelli goes 3 for 4, with an HR and a RBI double.
Joba’s gonna go 8, allow 1 run on five hits. Mo will close.
Yanks win 5-1.
(or not…)

Ya, I love Thursday day games where I really should be doing more work. I guess I will be more productive until the game comes on. That is, if I don’t check it every 5 minutes to see if it’s on..

It’s a really slow day at work, and I was looking forward to some afternoon baseball. Now I have to settle for the Blue Jays.

Cannot believe this game is delayed…took a half-day to watch it. Christ.
They better win about 10-0 today or I’m going to go postal.

Well it looks like they’re calling for rain all night in Boston, so I doubt that game will happen either.

my local independent league team, the long beach armada, has this kid josh womack who does a crazy bat trick while he’s in the on deck circle. do yourselves a favor and check out the video. i’ve already spent 2 hours today trying to replicate it.

Rod, I saw that yesterday, that is sick. I have to be honest though it looks fake. If it’s real, that’s pretty amazing.

john- i’d agree with you if i didn’t see it with my own eyes monday nite. been going to a good amount of games this year. fyi- hideki irabu is still alive and on the armada roster, along with jose lima.
brad- he’s a lefty who lets go of the bat mid swing and spins the bat 360 and grabs it again to finish the swing. it’s crazy looking. almost like his right wrist becomes disjointed to make it happen.

Holy crap that’s pretty cool. I’d break my wrist a few times trying that though. Physics-wise, I can’t see how it’s possible, but there it is.

For lack of a better place to post this…
Both the Yanks and the Sox ought to keep an eye in the rearview mirror on those Tampa Bay Rays. If you look at the numbers, it is baffling that they are in 4th place.
The Rays have the largest Runs Scored (RS) to Runs Allowed (RA) differential in the A.L., second only to the Dodgers in the Majors. This translates to an Expected Won-Lost (X W-L) record that is likewise tops in the A.L. and second in MLB.
Anyone have any insight into why they are lagging? If they keep up those scoring/pitching numbers, you’d expect them to make a big run up the A.L. East ladder at some point.

Eric Van at SOSH did a look at strength of schedule and run differential to see who were the best teams in baseball, and the ranking was:
Tampa Bay
Los Angeles (N)
New York (A)
That’s four AL East teams in the top six. The Red Sox through their series with Philly had had the toughest schedule in baseball to that date.
Here’s the link. It’s pretty interesting.

I should add he also did a win adjustment for each division, i.e. how many games would your team be winning if it played in x division?
The Red Sox would be 44-21 in the NL West (gaining 2.5 games for not being in the AL East and another 1.5 games for being in the NL West), 1.5 games ahead of the Dodgers. They would be 45-20 in the NL Central (give or take a half game).

I interupt your rain delay to ask the following question:
What happened when the Marlins first baseman stood in front of the microwave?
answer – Ross Gload…
:) well, it was funny when my wife said it.

2 out double for Zimmer-slim…damn. Joba getting knocked around some in the 1st. Hopefully no damage.
The Nats are a quality team so you have to be real careful…

0-1. jesus christ. rbi double for dunn. this is ridiculous.
joba throwing yankee patented meatballs right down the middle per usual.

Sorry Krueg, I’m pissed that the game didn’t start at 1:10 to help me get through the boring day.

So you come on here and cheer for the Nats? I thought you were better than that bro, not to mention your team owns us and you are in first place and on your way to another title…

Hey, all I said was the guy’s name. It’s not like I’m screaming “YEAH SCREW THE YANKS GO NATS BABY!”
To be honest, half of my enthusiasm was to see Dunn to well, who I really like.

ARod can redeem something something. Ah, what the hell, I give up. See you guys later.

Not to belabor the point any further but I wonder what would happen if I went into a Sox gamer and did the same thing?
There’s a reason there aren’t hardly any YF’s around here anymore…this is a Sox-centric site.
Not you fault though…

I really want to like the guy. I try to cheer for him. Bottom line??? He is the most over-rated, over-paid, mentally weak piece of sh-t on the planet…you suck choke-rod.

Ah, the B lineup. Grerjlaw;ejr;lawjel;.
Okay, I’m just frustrated and the rain blows. (Har har?)

Do you think the Nats would ever take a game off of the Sox Lar???? In fenway???? I don’t. We are a frail team. Mentally. Physically. Just sad bro…

And another 1-2-3 inning for the amazing Nats pitcher that I have never heard of in my life. GREAT JOB YANKEES!!! You aren’t an embarrassment at all! Seriously! You guys are really good! not.

…and joba walks him. 1st and 2nd, no outs. here is the patented yankee meltdown against the tried and true, DOMINANT Washington Nationals. Just forfeit the f-cking season you pathetic excuse for a $200 billion dollar team…

Main Entry: pathetic
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: sad, affecting
Synonyms: commiserable, deplorable, distressing, feeble, heartbreaking, heartrending*, inadequate, lamentable, meager, melting, miserable, moving, paltry, petty, piteous, pitiable, pitiful, plaintive, poignant, poor, puny, rueful, sorry*, tender, touching, useless, woeful, worthless, wretched
f-ck. this. team. This game is over. Turning it off. F-ck you Yankees.

It is unbelievably painful to watch the streaky ’09 Yankees in one of their funky stretches. They crush Johan Santana and then can not touch multiple Nats pitchers who no one knows. They NEVER EVER EVER hit well off of pitchers who face them for the first time. I am so sick of that in particular because it has been true for YEARS. Why? Why? why? WhY? wHY? wHy? WHY?!?!?!?!?!
And for all the talk we and others have had about Ortiz’s unprecedentedly horrid drop-offs this year, I just put his worst 21-game stetch up against A-Rod’s and this is how they compare:
Ortiz: .140BA; .204OBP; .233SLG; 7RBI
A-Rod: .178BA; .346OBP; .314SLG; 9RBI
The biggest difference of course is that A-Rod is in the middle of his stretch while Ortiz is clearly on the upswing.
This team is infuriating me right now. If not for Castillo’s dropped pop-up, they are in a stretch of 0-3 vs. Boston; 1-2 vs. NYM and (likely) 1-2 vs. the Nats (who came into New York having won a TOTAL of 16 games!!!)
Make room in the asylum for me Krueg.

Brett Gardner just killed himself making a great play against the wall. Good/bad enough to be carted off. Sorry to see him go down but nice to see a sign of life from this team. Would be nice to see similar signs at the plate.

IH: the Sox are being one hit in what will be a rain-shortened loss by a guy who came into the game with a 7.62 ERA in the NL EAST.

Turned it back on just in time to see Jeter weakly ground out to join the legion of rally killers which is our lineup.
Let’s be honest IH, this team is going nowhere. They have no mental toughness from top to bottom. Girardi has proven to be a terrible manager. Our GM is pathetic. Our over-paid free agent busts (Teixeira aside) have just come over and fit right in with the rest of this choke-happy team.
We are f-cked. It’s the 80’s all over again. This team is pathetic. Can’t pitch, can’t hit, can’t play D…it’s amazing they are even over .500 at this point.
F-ck them.

SF, that does make me feel better, but seriously, how would you feel if that was par for the course for your team? I don’t want to exagerate and I am not adept enough with stats sites to know how to run the figures, but I bet if you compiled Yankee offensive stats over – say – the last 5 years when they face a guy who was just called up from the minors or #4/5 guys who they never faced before vs. when they are facing staff aces, they’d be about even or slightly worse against the first lot. It’s to the point where ANYTIME they are slated to go up against some no-name from nowhere Yankee fans absolutely expect a
rough night.

Jeter is not a pinch hitter – never has been. I’m certainly happy with his year to-date on both sides of the plate. As for free agents, I’m fine with both CC and Teix and I expect AJ to do his usual 2nd half improvment thing.
What is killing us right now and surprisingly under-reported/talked about is just how awful A-Rod has been at the plate for about a month now. Add that to a no-one-but-CC-pitch-well-consistently starting rotation, a bullpen that just started performing well again over the past couple days, and a collective inability to his with RISP lately and you get – well, 0-8 vs. Boston and a home series lost to the NATS.
As for A-Rod, in the post-game last night he jumped on the hip-injury excuse when offered it by Kim Jones – she asked if some of his struggles might be due to him doing things differently due to his hip. He said “well of course – I just had surgery 2 months ago.” If you’re going to use it as an excuse for hitting below .200 for a month then take more time rehabbing!! On top of which, the YES guys rightly pointed out tonight that Girardi has played him 28 straight games without DH’ing him once. What is he thinking too????
Frustrated as hell right now.
And I bet hell is a really frustrating place to be.

Nail in coffin. Soak this one in Yankees. We just lost 2 of 3 at home to the equivalent of a minor league team.
A AA minor league team.

I’m being overly dramatic obviously…
This team should challenge for a world series. period. They won’t. I mean, you watch Boston and they RARELY take a night off. This team constantly does. It’s almost as if they think just because they are the Yankees, that the Nats were going to just lay down in fear. This team instills fear in no one. They are just simply not that good. If they score 10 runs, they win. But so does ever other team.
They simply have no leadership. From the front office down to the players. Girardi needs to be fired. Now. That would shake things up. These guys are too comfortable. Something needs to change. Now.
Too me, anything less than going to the WS is failure. With these players, with this payroll, that’s the only acceptable outcome. Tell me that you feel like this team has a chance to beat any good squad in a series and you are f-cking crazy.
In closing, losing 2 of 3 at home to the worst team in baseball is unacceptable. I don’t care if it’s April, June, in someone’s backyard at a BBQ, etc. This team is an embarrassment to the Pinstripes and Girardi needs to be fired….immediately.
I repeat…fire girardi tonight.

Oh…and by the way, we have to now go play MUCH better NL teams, on the road, 9 in a row with NL rules.
How many game you think we’ll win of those 9…I saw 2 at most.
The huge streak we went on since choke-rod came back is a faint memory. Basically erased by the truly awful performance of the last two weeks. This team is reeling and they haven’t shown any kind of mental toughness since what, 2003? We are in deep, deep, deep trouble.
Fire Girardi now. I’m going to start printing the tee shirts.

I think you are very right Kreug about them taking nights off and it is clearest in the pathetic at-bats they put up. Kay and Flaherty just said in post-game that the Yanks have seemed disinterested and lacking in intensity until the 6th inning of games lately. Re: leadership, the problem is that the leadership is old and no longer the most talented – Posada is the most vocal leader and I bet an honest appraisal of the pitching staff would rank him 3rd on this team as catchers to whom they want to pitch (after both Molina and Cervelli, who’s batting .300 to boot). And the most talented guy on the team is mentally FRAGILE and not someone anyone would look to for leadership.
In the end, if you can’t pitch consistently well, can’t hit with RISP, and there is a massive blackhole hitting clean-up, you’re going to drop in the standings like a rock. And we’re dropping…

Yep…it’s really sad to see. Watching Girardi’s presser now. His lack of urgency is sickening. We are going no where with this guy running things. I don’t know what the answer is? We bring in just about every free agent stiff every year, don’t draft well…what’s the answer?
I think let Pena coach out the season, say how it goes. If we fall apart, hope the Cubs do as well and then get Sweet Lou to come home. Not sure who we get to be the new GM…

Cubs don’t do well I mean so Sweet Lou gets fired…
Watching players interviews now…
“Gotta put it behind us…”
“It’s a long season…”
“They just outplayed us…”
I’m going to f-cking puke. It’s like they don’t even care. They should be forced to ride a f-cking bus to South Florida. Reality check you overpaid losers.

No way IBM…Sweet Lou is the answer. His heart isn’t in it with the Cubbies. Doesn’t have the players…
Oh well, two and a half months until football season. Three and a half until hockey. NHL Draft is next Friday and free agency starts the next week…

“The Rays have the largest Runs Scored (RS) to Runs Allowed (RA) differential in the A.L., second only to the Dodgers in the Majors.”
But Tampa has allowed more runs than every team in the AL except the Yankees, Orioles and Indians.

NYT’s article about last night’s game actually disproves my point re: how badly the yanks do vs. rookie pitching, which is good to see. Apparently the Yanks are so sick of hearing about it that they released stats last night on their performance vs. rookies prior to this last putrid stretch vs. the Nats.

I’m getting ready to dive into the articles now…not sure I should, I still feel sick.
If they beat the Fish (Marlins are fish, Dolphins are mammals Jet, Patriot and Bill’s fans!!!!)it would show a lot of character…of course we all know they have none so that’s not going to happen.

> Boy, did everyone’s Wheaties get peed in this morning or what???
nettles, gotta say that after dutifully considering your suggestion, i have decided peed-on boxed-cereal ain’t nearly as bad as those last three games, and pee be cheaper than milk or the mlb package.

I can’t speak for all Bills fans, krueg, but though I know that dolphins aren’t piscine, there’s a ring to “Squish the Fish” that “Trammel the Marine Mammals” just doesn’t have.

Krueg, I’m not on your anti-Girardi crusade just yet, but I am starting to wonder about a couple things.
First, the A-Rod consecutive game thing coming off hip surgery seems to me rather inexcusable and a very basic and obvious managerial screw-up, made all the more obvious when the guy is mired in a month-long stretch of sub-.200 hitting.
Second, while Dave Eiland may have seemed perfect last year when half the rotation and pen was taken up by guys he had just mentored for the previous few years in AAA, I just don’t know how good he is with these starters. It’s arguable that pitching coaches don’t have huge impact anyway, but when an entire staff seems to nibble – esp. in their home park because they are presumably scared of the longball – I have to wonder whether he is pounding into these guys the importance of throwing strikes. If you look at the talent of our rotation and then look at their HORRENDOUS pitching rankings, you have to at least ask some questions of the pitching coach.
I haven’t had a big beef with his in-game decision-making though there are times I’d like to see them run more to put pressure on the defense and I don’t know that it’s absolutely necessary to have CC throw 125+ pitches every single start.
So I’m not caling for his head…..yet. I do want someone to ask him what he’s thinking re: A-Rod though.

I know FSP…it’s us Fins fans standard retort to the whole “Squish the Fish” thing. AFC East Champs baby!!! ;)
Girardi brought back Wang too soon. His toying with the rotation going into BAAAAA-sten was a EPIC screwup. We were rolling, he messed with success and the rotation hasn’t recovered since. That, to me, would seem to rest solely on Joe’s weak, girly shoulders…

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