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ClapClapClapClap, Deep In The Heart: Sox-Rangers Gamer I

Boston’s reward a dismal display against the Jays is a road trip beginning with the best home team in the American League. Felix Doubront is on the mound in Arlington, while Scott Feldman returns to the rotation after a spot relief outing just before the break. It’s 93 and breezy at the ballpark, probably the coolest day of the three game set.

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8-1 Texas, bottom 6.
I’m fucking done with this fucking underachieving dogshit team.
See you guys in February.

If you’re blowing it up, what commodities do you move? Are you looking for MLB talent or prospects? I’m pretty curious how the brass treats the next week. I think you have to recognize that the starting pitching as currently constructed is too weak for any kind of significant hope, and move toward being sellers at this point. Second wild card makes “Give it a shot” awfully tempting, though. I feel like this team is talented and has been injured since basically 2010, and the fact that we’ve never really seen the team anything like whole makes it hard to evaluate how good or bad it’s been. The plug-in players have worked fairly well, but if the stars aren’t gonna be big, then we’re pretty well effed. Next year, mang.

PS Just have to say they really CAN’T move Ortiz. The fan reaction would be incredible. I can see how you’d get good stuff in return, but we need to be able to see him every second he can play in this uniform.

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