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I’m no Ansel Adams and there is good reason why my blackberry (yes, I still have one) is not known for its camera feature, but here’s the one shot I took of the post-game celebration as the Yankees ended the 2012 season 2.0 games ahead of the Baltimore Orioles to clinch the AL East title and the best record in the American League.

Tonight brought to a close an extraordinary month of baseball during which at no point were the Yankees more than 1.5 games ahead of Baltimore until tonight.  Indeed, the last time The Yankees’ division lead swelled to 2.0 games was one month and one day ago – September 2.

Baltimore proved an incredibly persistent and scrappy club, not only sticking with the Yankees but pulling even with them repeatedly throughout September.  But even on those days when the Orioles won and edged in front of the Yankees by a half-game while the Yankees were still playing their own game, the Yankees held the line and ensured that no day of baseball ended with Baltimore sitting alone atop the standings.  It is perhaps not as amazing as an Oakland A’s team that spent exactly one day in first place all year – the only day that matters – but YFs have been treated to an incredibly resilient team that never panicked, even while many of us did.

Enjoy a well-deserved 3 days of rest fellas.  And see you on Sunday!

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Congrats, YFs.

Hope us Sox fans will have reason to show a stronger presence next year.

Lord, as I wrote that I was listening to ESPN radio and heard the Valentine radio interview with the Boston radio station re: how he feels his coaches undermined him and were disloyal. And now Schilling called it one of the most gutless things a manager has ever done. I find Schilling oftten annoying, but in this case I think he’s exactly right. My Lord. Cherrington really needs to just fire this guy. Like today.

Now the real season begins…

I’m actually OK with the going on the road for the first two games format. Just need to split and then we have the final 3 games at home to win 2.

I hear you krueg – and agree. While I’d prefer the 2-2-1 format, I’m fine with this too, especially as it takes Darvish out of the picture for game 1 (in the scenario that their opponent is Texas). Though in that scenario, if CC does NOT take game 1, then the pressure is on, because we will face the prospect of Darvish pitching in Game 3 (the first game in the Bronx). I’ve got tix to Game 3 & 4 in the Bronx and am PUMPED.

Bye bye Bobby.

What a douchebag.

You are going IH???? I have got to move back North so I can go to more games…dammit. Stupid South.

Yeah…I’m actually moving myself in the summer of 2014 and one of the things I will miss the most is being this close to the Stadium. I can go on a whim (which I do very infrequently now with two young kids at home) and I can pick and choose playoff games on which to splurge.

We could be neighbors! I think we are going to end up in Frederick, MD…

Go see the Yanks play the O’s???

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