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Close it Out: Jays-Sox Gamer

Roy Halladay hasn't been much since the trade deadline, and today he goes after the Sox.  Wake up, bats.

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HOLY FUCK, Byrd is starting today? Geez, I miss two days of baseball and everything gets all weird.

Man, Halladay is hurling himself off the Cy Young cliff. He just doesn’t care anymore, and who could blame him?

Wow, there’s a huge strikezone for Garcia in New York, isn’t there Andrew? And Joba was getting uber-squeezed last inning too.
Yeah Andrew, maybe Halladay was looking forward to getting to play for a contending team. Now that he’s stuck with the Jays it must be tough to find enough motivation to give it your 100%.

Or even your 75%.
I haven’t noticed strikezone issues, but maybe that’s because the Yankees are winning.

Nothing’s wrong physically with Joba, they’re just starting him small and building him up through September and into October. Interesting plan.

Wow, that’s a strange plan for Joba. But hey, if it works then it’ll certainly pay off.

I leapt around and screamed like an idiot when Polanco hit that go-ahead 3-run bomb in Detroit to (eventually) sink the Rays.

Saito completes the sweep and a 7-2 homestand. Be nice if we could do some damage at the trop, especially considering that the Rangers will get to feast on the Jays next.
The Rangers also have just taken a 3-2 lead. So, go Twins, we need you.

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