Come on, use your imagination.

Come on, use your imagination. Let’s say that Wells, Clemens will be gone (duh), Moose will be at the end of his career, Weaver will be in therapy, and Pettitte will be either solid or waning. Rivera will be close to done. They have no pitching prospects. As for positional players, Soriano, Jeter, Matsui (how old is he really?), Posada (health issues as a backstop), Giambi, Johnson (long-term health liability?). Bernie will be done, Boone gone. Drew Henson will be playing for the Bengals, and they have a pretty lousy farm system at this point positionally speaking. I think it is an interesting issue, seeing as how much pride has been taken in the fact that the strength of the Yankees over the last 8 years has come from “homegrown” talent (though I would argue that point as well). What’s the future besides dumping cash on the market, at unheard of rates?

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