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Confound It!

SF used exactly the right word last week: confounding. That's what this season has been.

From the unimaginably bad start to the historic streak of quality starts to losing four of six to the Baltimore Orioles and Seattle Mariners, this Boston Red Sox team is still clearly trying to run on all cylinders. And that includes the manager, who has done a number of odd things this season, including benching Jarrod Saltalamacchia for Jason Varitek after only two weeks, having Dustin Pedroia bunt with two runners on early in yesterday's game and moving Carl Crawford all over the lineup like he's Alex Rodriguez (burn!).

Still, seeing as it's still May 2, I offer this bit of reassurance:

Since going 2-10 to start the season, the Red Sox are 10-5, a .667 winning percentage. If the Sox continue winning at that same clip over their remaining 135 games, they will win 90 of them, for a final record of 102-59.

No problem, right?

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Of course, this means that the Yankees would end up with 110 wins, and the Rays would barnstorm the league for the rest of the season and end up with 113 wins.
Leaving the Red Sox to have the fun distinction of the best team ever to not make the playoffs.
It’s good to have the Red Sox not completely out of the race at the beginning of May. They’ve got a 2007-esque (talking about Yankees/Red Sox here, reversed) hill to climb, and a seemingly rejuvinated Rays team also in their way (although I don’t quite believe they’re this good), so that 2-10 start to the season will definitely sting for the rest of the year.

so that 2-10 start to the season will definitely sting for the rest of the year.
Wait, weren’t we saying this during the 2-10 start and being told to stop making such a beef?!

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