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Connect Four: Tribe-Yanks Gamer

AJ Burnett looks to make it a sweep of the Tribe, who send Carlos Carrasco.  It’s the ESPN game.  Lineups follow, comment away.

G. Sizemore dh .254
C. Santana 1b .223
M. Brantley cf .286
A. Cabrera ss .302
S. Choo rf .234
T. Buck lf .256
C. Phelps 2b .091
J. Hannahan 3b .236
L. Marson c .213
C. Carrasco 4.52
NY Yankees
D. Jeter ss .259
C. Granderson cf .279
M. Teixeira 1b .252
A. Rodriguez 3b .288
R. Cano 2b .281
N. Swisher rf .225
J. Posada dh .226
R. Martin c .232
B. Gardner lf .276
A.J. Burnett 4.37

105 replies on “Connect Four: Tribe-Yanks Gamer”

Weak pop out but Jeter could have tested him…didn’t…
If he went he would have scored, dude wasn’t even going to throw it home…christ.

Robbie K’s on a bullshit pitch…
Bases loaded. No outs = no runs.
The pathetic Yankees are back.
NO CHANCE Swisher ACTUALLY comes through here…

How havent the yankees scored yet, any way its late here im off to bed, Krueg calm down a little, oh dear swisher should have caught that, thats not going to be good for your blood preasure

Swisher fucking us in the field too!!! First against Boston, single-handedly blowing CC’s start and now an ill-advised dive from his slow ass leads to a triple, RBI single follows…

AJ limits Swisher’s damage with another big K…
0-1. Maybe score some runs at some point boys? Maybe?
I would like to watch the hockey game. End them.

ARod flails away like a 12 year old that just discovered his first erection…K.
Cano singles…
Rally killer TRIES to hit into a DP…thankfully only got his asshole self out…

This is beyond ridiculous…this idiot pitcher threw like 50 pitches in the first 2 innings…we choke with MOB…failure.

1 pitch. out.
Blew and opportunity to game 0.5 game on the Sox. Tampa will probably win too. We should be in 3rd place in no time.
Jeter probably to the DL. Time to be sellers and get younger. Ha. Never happen.

Swisher, Posada and Cervelli.
If we pinch hit for Swisher and Cervelli, maybe…but not likely. Only champions walk people off 15 times in a season. This team is far from it.

Wow, expected a high scoring game. According to a quick search on Baseball-reference, this is the third time this season Burnett has gone 7+ and given up 1 run or less. In both other games the Yankees lost (he took the loss in one).

Swisher stands at the plate with his bat on his shoulder like a fucking loser…4 pitch K.
I cannot stand seeing him in the pinstripes. He is completely and totally worthless as a player. Nice guy, but FUCK HIM…he HAS TO GO!!!!

Posada K’s.
You fucking idiots may want to swing the bat. Another K looking..for what I’m not sure.
Gardner for the tie???

5th shutout of the season. Cannot score 1 FUCKING RUN???? AT HOME??? AGAINST THE FUCKING INDIANS???
We aren’t even going to make the fucking playoffs.

what a bummer wasting a good pitching effort…we just can’t seem to get it together…though taking 3 of 4 is still good…i’ll ask it again, is it too early to start whining about injuries?…i know it doesn’t help, and we just have to keep moving forward and hope the replacements plug the leaks or even do better than that…injuries are never good, but maybe some good can come out of it, like we finally get a prolonged look at some younger yankees…maybe future stars…[fingers crossed]

Injuries did not make our offense strand 7 runners in the first 3 innings or go 0-for-7 with RISP either…
That’s sorry-ass Swishers fault. Blame him. For everything.
Not to mention all of the “stars” had AB’s in the first 3 innings.
We just suck this year dude. Injuries or not.

sad, but true buddy…we can’t blame injuries because exactly as you say, the uninjured regulars are underperforming in epic ways…even some of the guys we lost were not exactly at the top of their game when they went down…soriano, martin, hughes, sanit, curtis…i’d even throw jeter in with that bunch, since he has not been contributing at the level we’d all hoped…if the chase for 3000 were not such a positive distraction, i suspect you’d hear even more about his position in the lineup and his defense…heck a couple of the guys on the DL never even got into a game in ’11: marte, feliciano…losing colon and joba probably hurt the most since they were actually contributing…

Can’t win every year man…just historically more than any other franchise. We had a nice run, time for some serious changes…

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