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New York fans once again exhibit their incredible baseball savvy, urging the Boss not to sign a great major league pitcher away from their division rival.  One can argue all day about whether Pedro is worth 14M per year, or whether he’s seen his best days, but the idea of snaking your rival’s number 2 pitcher is smart for two simple reasons: he’s better than anything you have at the moment and you subtantively hurt your rival. 

I know all the reasons that Yankees fans might cite to say no to Pedro.  Maybe the Yankees could allocate their (nearly) unlimited resources in a smarter way, but that would mean spending much more cash on developing a viable farm system, on paying better scouts, and on being more patient with prospects.  But since that’s not going to lead to immediate success in the short-term, why not spend money in the bank on great, proven pitchers?  I have a feeling the Yankess could afford both Pedro and Pavano, if they really wanted them, and if that’s what the front office thought they needed.  Signing Petey doesn’t prevent any other moves, as far as I can tell.

The roles have been reversed – wasn’t it the Sox who used to go after the Yankees retreads (Mike Torrez comes to mind) in an attempt to catch the best?  I wouldn’t really love Pedro in pinstripes, but something about the potential angst in the Big Apple should Pedro start apartment hunting would be so satisfying.  The primadonnometer in the Yankees clubhouse might break!

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  • SF,
    Yankee fans aren’t the only ones who don’t want Pedro. You should read the hatchet job being done on him by (owned by Boston’s largest newspaper, isn’t it). Sox fans are throwing Martinez under the bus faster than any Sox player in history with the exceptions of Nomar and Roger. BTW who was the last Sox’ pitcher of Pedro’s caliber that was let go cause he was done? How’d that work out for Sox fans? I have never seen fans throw so many World Champion players under the bus. What’s going on in Boston? Martinez, he’s done. Lowe, he needs a change of scenery. Varitek, he’s a greedy bastard. Love that loyalty Sox fans. You guys are about as loyal as George Steinbrenner (unless you have a drug or felony problems, or your name is Billy Martin).

    Joe (YF) November 18, 2004, 11:15 am
  • That’s remarkably inaccurate, almost not worth a response. Who is throwing Pedro under a bus, exactly? Pedro sought a meeting with Steinbrenner (after going on the record as saying “I WILL NEVER PLAY FOR THE YANKEES”), and after the Sox made an initially reasonable (though not an over-the-top can’t-turn-it-down offer). The Sox have offered him Schilling money, and if he takes it I think people in Boston will be plenty happy. I think they would even be happy if the Sox raised their offer slightly, making him the highest paid pitcher on the team. And as for Lowe and Varitek, they both are represented by Scott Boras. You can be damn sure that the Sox and Boras are negotiating Tek’s deal, he’s that important, but if the player and his agent stick by 5 year at 10M with a no-trade, the Sox would be IDIOTIC to re-sign him. Knowing that losing Tek is a possibility and wanting him gone are two entirely different things. I don’t think people in Boston want Tek gone, but we are all preparing for the worst, considering his representation. As for Lowe, if he wants Radke money, or even Pavano money, then the Sox need to make a baseball decision, and us Sox fans, after the work of our GM this year, have come to trust him. That attitude isn’t throwing anyone “under a bus”, as you call it. This is not a fair representatio of RSN, and I think you know that in your heart. If you had to substantiate your claims more thoroughly (and using Boston Dirt Dogs as the example of our collective attitude is weak – his work is nothing but grandstanding – see how substantially he backs up all his ideas over there) I think you’d have a real problem. Go to the Globe today for Jackie MacMullan’s column about the business side of things, it’s a far more subtantial deconstruction of the post-championshiop fan/player relationship.

    SF November 18, 2004, 12:15 pm
  • C’mon even the Sox fellatioers at are giving up on Pedro. Pedro went from being the best pitcher in baseball(like Clemmens), to being to old and fragile (like Clemmens). If you held a vote right now how many Sox fans would vote to keep him? He may be done, but he may not be, I just don’t see the love and loyalty. Then again he is a selfish primadonna, maybe he doesn’t deserve it.

    Joe (YF) November 18, 2004, 3:56 pm
  • I can speak for myself only: If Pedro can be re-signed at the current offer of Schilling money, then welcome back, Pedro. If Pedro wants 50M for 4 years, then I don’t think Pedro can or should be re-signed. It’s not that Pedro won’t be good. It’s just bad risk management to do that. The Clemens saga is one that is constantly mis-remembered. The Red Sox offered him a good deal – he had been a slightly better than average pitcher for about 18 months and there was good reason to believe that he would not do what he has done in the last 6 years (remember, what other teams went after him? The Yankees? The Mets? The Dodgers? The Rangers?). The Blue Jays gave him a great deal with a secret and illegal clause, one which the Sox could not have ever matched, for obvious reasons.
    Another thing – a hidden cost we don’t hear about is contract insurance (if the Sox can even get it). This isn’t about tossing anyone under a bridge – it’s about numbers, and making sure that Pedro is at the right number. If he is, it would be great to see him finish his career in a Sox uni.

    SF November 18, 2004, 5:09 pm

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