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Couldn’t Write It Better: Yanks-Mariners Gamer I

The Yankees come to Seattle having lost four straight a few hundred miles south on I-5 and having lost one of two injured starting outfielders for the rest of the season. Fortunately, Ichiro wanted out of Seattle. He will get his wish, after playing three more games against his old teammates. Hiroki Kuroda is on the mound for the Bombers at Safeco, and Kevin Millwood pitches for the Mariners. I wonder how high the ratings for this game would have been in Japan before the trade, and how high they will be now? Ichiro will play in RF tonight, and bat in the eighth slot. With Raul Ibanez in left and ARod out there, this literally looks like a Seattle old timers’ game. Except they are the Yankees’ starters. I wonder what Bone is doing… Could he suit up by first pitch?

Lineups follow, Comment away.

NY Yankees
D. Jeter ss .311
C. Granderson cf .249
A. Rodriguez 3b .272
R. Cano 2b .318
M. Teixeira 1b .257
R. Ibanez dh .241
A. Jones lf .229
I. Suzuki rf .261
R. Martin c .180
H. Kuroda 3.46
D. Ackley 2b .226
C. Wells lf .261
J. Jaso c .287
J. Montero dh .261
K. Seager 3b .240
M. Saunders cf .261
J. Smoak 1b .191
C. Peguero rf .238
B. Ryan ss .188
K. Millwood 4.15

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Can’t.. work week, 200 miles up i5. MAYBE I can on Wednesday, but probably not.

There was a guy behind the backstop during batting practice with a Labatt Blue Sabres hat on AG…awesome.

When the Yankees come to town, Safeco is chock full of ex-east-coasters

The number of number 2 yankee shirts with “Jeter” printed above the 2 kind of pisses you off, regardless of who you root for.

AFail doing his thing on D now too…no range, bad throws.


I don’t wish injuries on players. I don’t.

They are cheaper AG.

I have one because I can’t afford to drop that kind of coin on an authentic one.

We don’t all make AG cash!!!!!

NICE!!!! Hiroki covers for AFail and grabs the bouncer and throws to third…

AFail actually caught the throw and completed the rundown.

I guess catching and running are about all we can expect for AFail at this point…

heh.. ag cash goes about far enough to buy what fills the diapers, but not enough to buy the diapers.



SO, instead of inning over…2nd and 3rd with 2 outs.

I fucking hate him so much. It’s not healthy.

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure ag…you probably count your Benjamin’s in your NW Compound made of gold.


It’s going to be a minor victory just to get out of this inning without giving up a run.

Liner right at Ichiro, which is for the first time, a good thing.


The new Nippon Connection saves AFail’s ass.


Runs now please.

Another dp.. 361. That’s what that kind of (non)speed buys you.

We have totally and completely regressed to the shit team from a couple months ago…


Yeah, it’s a gorgeous day here. Sun with a few clouds and 68 right now.

Switching between this and the last third of Unforgiven. Yes the whole point of the film is in tthe first 2 hours, but I still most enjoy the final 15 minutes of throwback Eastwood spighetti western.

“Unforgiven” is a beautiful film. It’s worth seeing on a bigger screen if possible.

The combination of Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman and Gene Hackman in one movie is just too good.

I’m all over it…I know it’s a highly acclaimed movie, just never got around to seeing it…

You know if you take AFail’s salary off the Yankees, we’d be 3rd in payroll behind Philly and Boston…

Not that we would miss him.

Biggest mistake in Yankee history.

OK – back from the final bar scene…won’t spoil it for you krueg. Kuroda keeping the patheetic Seattle offense at bay. Sadly Millwood doing the same.

I have to think people get shot. In a bar. In the old west.

But historically speaking, there were actually very few shootouts or duels in the Old West…


I hate this team. Except Jeter and Ichiro.

Well, mostly just AFail. I blame him for everything.

Yeah, ’09. One postseason success.

I used to give him a pass for that but when you add up the salary and all the failure otherwise…not sure we couldn’t have gotten 2 good players for his bloated corpse that could have led to more rings really.

And Russell needs to follow Swisher out the door after this season…he can’t even throw people out anymore.

Let’s Kreskin this inning…


AFail…Pop out.


Tex…Foul out to 1st.


I’m pretty sure the 2005-2007 Yankees would’ve been in significantly worse shape without Arod. Lots of blame for failure those years, but not him.

AFail hits one off the wall…almost gunned at 2nd…dude dropped the throw or he was out by a mile…

Damn you guys with your logic…

Can’t you just SUPPORT me once in awhile????? I’m going to my room!

Don’t beat yourself up ag…we all make mistakes…I used to go to church so…



Did the Yankees finally remember they’re playing teams from the AL West not named Texas?

Andruw Jones previous seven at-bats have been strikeouts until that single.

Not that time Ichiro…and with Martin coming up that should do it but scored some runs finally!!!!

I look at it this way: if the Yankees hadn’t traded Alfonso Soriano as part of the ARod deal, Cano might never made it all the way through the system to the Bigs as a Yankee.

OR….we could have flipped him for a real live baseball player or two…

If’s, and’s, nut’s and but’s we’d all have a Merry Christmas…

12:40p local start on Wednesday. Hmm. I could leave at 9am, catch the game, and be home by 8 that night.

Granderson strikes out like it’s his fucking job…

Fuck. Really man? It’s getting old.

Do mine eyes deceive me???

An actual ABomb???

More rare than a blue footed booby sighting in Buffalo…


Still lurking.. trying to get the house in order while listening.

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