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Crazy Ivan: O’s-Yanks Gamer III

Jake Arrieta is on the mound at The Stadium, while Ivan Nova goes for his 16th consecutive win without a loss.  Comment away..

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I just don’t enjoy watching the games.
I need to reevaluate my world.
It’s not that I am a fair-weather fan, there is just no excuse for this other than we have a terribly overrated team.
I care TOO much.
I’m going to be gone for awhile.

This offense looks ridiculously anemic right now. Ibaneez almost gets eaten alive by a linedrive and it’s man on 3rd with 1 out. Nova has looked preetty good but the offense is just stinking up the joint. Jones grounds into drawn-in infield fortunately. One more to keep it at a 1-run deficit…

So chavez suddenly gets dizzy in the batter’s box and then it takes nunez 7 minutes to find his bat and get in to replace him before going down on a called 3rd strike. This game is painful to watch in whole new ways.

Outmatched by the Baltimore Orioles, who Buck Showalter has playing like champs. And yes, I will continue to praise showalter who I firmly believe makes his teams play to their potential.
Oh, and the Yanks stink right now.

We don’t just stink right now. We stink period.
All of the fears have come true.
Old, slow, HR-centered, average at best starting pitching, overrated farm system.
No hope.
We are back in the 80’s. Empty stadiums and no playoffs.
I’ve accepted it. So should the rest of you.

The Yankees’ 3-4-5 hitters are not feared right now. On the season, when there is not a runner in scoring position, they are hitting .271 (60-for-221). When there is a runner in scoring position, they are at .203 (14-for-69). These days, when men are on base, you want the heart of the Yankees’ order coming up — if you are an opponent.

I was thinking about this krueg and am not surprised someone at ESPN finally wrote about it. The middle of our order is so weak. Teix and A-Rod have been o streaky and inconsistent in recent years that I’ve sadly come to expect that but Cano’s slow start this year (which I really don’t expect to continue and don’t know anyone who does) has compounded things in a big way. Granderson is slugging and Jeter is getting on base – both of them at best-in-the-league levels. But A-Rod, Teix, Cano have been really depressing so far. Especially Cano and Teix.

Cano is excused for his slow start in my opinion. He is too talented for this to continue much longer.
ARod and Tex we are fucking stuck with. $50+ million for a defensive first baseman and an aged Superstar that is a shadow of even his average self.
These wounds are self inflicted and we are going to pay for them for the next decade, especially in the face of the mandate to now save money by ’14.
It’s cool though. We’ll see how long that lasts when we are a non-playoff team for the next few years and the seat revenue dries up.
This is all beyond depressing. Now all of my teams, the Sabres, Dolphins AND Yankees are terrible.
Watch Romney win the fucking election too.

I really doubt whether the Yanks win in 2009 without A-Rod. He was extraordinary in that post-season and had tons of game-tying hits and HRs, including off multiple closers and in extra-innings. But i also question whether the Yanks might have gone further in previous post-seasons with another clean-up hitter. After all, dating back to the 2004 ALCS he had gone 0-for-29 with runners on base. Just an astonishing stat that.
And more relevant to the present and future, he’ll be here though the 2017 season. That’s right. Through 2017. What in the world will he be producing in 2 years – let alone 3, 4, and 5 years? Ugh.

Exactly. ARod was finally “ARod” in ’09 but for that kind of financial commitment, there should be more success and now that he is a .250 singles hitter…the return on investment is sorely lacking.

…same thing with Tex, except he had done nothing in the postseason, save 1 walkoff HR against the Twins in ’09.
$20 million for a glove?
That and Cashman needs to be held accountable for his actions. I’m not a hater but come on, the Pineda disaster is HUGH.

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