Cream Pie Facial: Twins-Yanks Gamer IV

Best not to google the title. What I mean is that there have been a lot of pies being smashed in Yankees' faces lately, with all the late-inning heroics going on and all. Oh well, male bonding is a strange, maybe even semi-erotic affair. As our boys build team chemistry or whatever this thing is that happens when a team is going well, we might as well enjoy the theatrics. Tonight, the Yanks go for a sweep against the  Twinkies (hmm, strange this baseball language's occasional overlap with other discourses). This is your thread for comment.

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Swisher going for three in a row, but it wasn’t meant to be.
Swisher is really, really struggling. So is Cano. Good thing Tex and Damon have been on fire. Slumps are going to happen. The mark of a good lineup is when other step up at the same time.

No problem…I’m in the penalty box. 10 minute misconduct. I didn’t think we were really allowed to swear like that but no one stopped me so I figured it was cool. My negative reinforcement may not work as well PG as it did XXX…just sayin’

I understand completely and certainly have dropped my share of bombs, and will again to be certain.
In the mean time, the Yankees have batted around. Fun stuff.

Glen Perkins is the very picture of FML.
It’s knuckleball time! Should be interesting to watch a non-Wake knuckleballer.

“We’ve replaced the starting pitcher with a RA Dickey, a knuckleball specialist. Let’s see if Joe Mauer notices.”

He’s just pitching to the score, like Great Pitchers do.
In the same spirit, Gardenhire is trying to erase a 4-run deficit with small ball. It’s the Right Way to Play.

Only Jacoby Ellsbury has stolen home in the history of the modern era of baseball. Don’t you watch ESPN?

Do you guys think it would hurt worse to:
A) Have a fastball tipped off your face behind the plate
B) Take a slapper off your dome in goal in hockey???

Hockey puck: 6oz., cold hard rubber, and the best snipers are over 100mph
Baseball: 5.2ish ounces, leather with a core that compresses, and very few pitchers touch 100mph. Then again, I don’t know about what angular velocities may be imparted by a bat on a tipped ball but it is a deflection of the initial trajectory, which makes me think it must be a reduction in the kinetic energy. Hmm.

Hitting me in the face? I’d be dead either way.
For some reason I think MacInnis’ slap shot is way scarier.

Veras is crap. Lucky Gomez bailed him out there. I am still angry about that BS called strike 3 on Jeter last inning though. Ball was in the other batters’ box. The fact that we’ve won the first 3 and are leading in this game doesn’t change the UNASSAILABLE TRUTH that the umps have een atrocious this series.

Man, the top of this lineup is tough to get through when these guys are going like this.

Swisher – hitting the ball hard the last couple games, just cannot get a break…

Past 3am in London from where I’ve listened to the first 3 games of this crazy series and occacionally checked in on the all-kreug-all-the-time commentary (way to carry the flag man!!).
Would be nice to see this done without turning to Mo, whose arm is about to fall off.

Tex with the diving stab. How different is the fielding over there this year sans greasy fatman

Holy shit. Walking double is what that is. This ‘pen is SHIT. Girardi is working with nothing out there.

3-1 on Redmond now. How much you wanna bet Redmond gets into a grooed fastball?

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