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Crime Dog a Bomber?

Fred McGriff reported working out for the Yanks. Does the Yankee brass know something about Giambi they’re not telling?

Curious that his hitting coach would be Don Mattingly, the man who blocked his rise through the Yankee system.

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Nomar to Cubs for Clement? If Sox don’t make this trade they’re nuts. Lowe to Padres for Payton? Why replace Damon?

Payton is to replace Nixon, who apparently may be gone for the year due to a recurrence of his quadricep injury.

ESPN’s Sean McAdam claims the Sox are looking at Doug Mientkiewicz and Mike Myers (no word on Beyonce).
If they get Clement, Cash better come up with the Unit, and maybe Benson for insurance.

“Cash better come up with the Unit”
Couldn’t be a more accurate statement. Pun intended?

We call him Cash Man for a reason. We might also note, along these lines, that “jeter” is the French verb meaning “to throw.”

PS: The former Yankee first-bagger out of Tampa that Yanks fans would really like to have back is Mr. Martinez.

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