Curt Gowdy, RIP

Legendary announcer Curt Gowdy died of Leukemia this weekend, as YF posted earlier.  He was the voice of the Red Sox before I tuned in, but my Dad has some fond memories and offered them to me for the site. Here they are:

Curt Gowdy was an old-fashioned announcer – he let the game tell the story, for the most part. Never put himself ahead of the drama of the athletic competition, never made himself the story. He was very versatile, broadcasted many sports with aplomb – baseball, basketball, football, even the Olympics. Still, I felt he was best at baseball, and when Ned Martin was his second-in-the-booth, they made a great team (actually, Ned Martin is perhaps my favorite all time announcer, because he was so literate – but he got his basic training under Curt Gowdy). Gowdy was also able to relate to the athletes, at least the athletes of his day, when personality and the ability to project on television were less important than just playing and reporting the sporting events. And when the sporting events were just that, sporting events. It is a sad commentary on the current state of sports and television that a person with his skills would probably be unemployable today.

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