Curt & Pedro: Wedding Bells?

I love him. Pedro’s an awesome guy….And he’s a fantastic human being.—Curt Schilling on WEEI

Curt: Activist judges my ass! Everyone thought I chose the Sox because I wanted to reverse the curse. Of course it was really you all along.
Pedro: You’re so sweet, Papi.
Curt: So have you chosen a best man?
Pedro: I think Manny. But maybe Ortiz (sighs). What about you, honey?
Curt: I was thinking Millar, but I don’t want to hurt Tek’s feelings. Wedding planning is sooo hard.
Pedro: Maybe we can make Tek and Manny groomsmen?
Curt: You always have the right answers, on and off the mound.
Pedro: One thing for sure: we have to make sure Johnny shaves. He’ll ruin the pictures!
Curt: And what are we going to do about Nomar and Mia?
Pedro: Let’s put them at table 37, next to Terry. And I guess we should have a Kosher table for Theo, Gabe, and Kevin.
Pedro: I love you, Curt.
Curt: And I love you, Pedro.

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Wow, omigosh rolling all over laughing thats great! I think Schilling is the one hitting on Pedro though :) – he never picks well.

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